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Anti Slip Floor Tiles

See stylish anti slip floor tiles, perfect for bathrooms, kitchens and busy hallways. For free samples and advice on anti slip tiles, please contact Direct Tile Warehouse.
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Anti Slip Floor Tiles

Especially important if you are shopping for outdoor path or patio tiles is making sure they are anti slip. While not all domestic tiles will necessarily have a slip rating, you fill find the majority of them will provide grip through textured or matt finishes.

For areas exposed to large amounts of rain, it’s important to find suitable non slip outdoor tiles to ensure the safety of your household and guests.

R13 Non Slip Tiles

The highest outdoor tiles non slip rating, R13 is what we would recommend if you are tiling outdoor areas exposed to water most of the time. Your outdoor patio tiles, as well as the tiles surrounding your pool or hot tub, should ideally be R13.

R12 Non Slip Tiles

Slightly lower on the non slip outdoor tiles scare are the R12. Outdoor porcelain tiles rated R12 will also do a fantastic job as exterior floor tiles if you are laying them in flat areas of your garden such as your pool side or patio. However, if you have any steeper paths, we would suggest you stick to R13.

R11 Anti Slip Tiles

Anti slip outdoor tiles from the R11 category are also considered to be a secure and hard wearing choice for outdoor areas. Make the most of the stylish designs and textured anti slip finish of these exterior tiles to create stunning patio and garden areas. Just make sure your R11 areas are not exposed to much water or soap, as that would make them unsafe to walk on barefoot.

R10 Anti Slip Tiles

You can also use porcelain R10 tiles as anti slip outdoor tiles. While we wouldn’t recommend these if you need high slip resistance, they are well suited for areas where occasional wetting occurs. Think utility rooms, green houses and even a patio – provided it’s not too exposed to the elements.

R9 Slip Resistant Tiles

Compared to other anti slip ratings, R9 products exhibit the lowest amounts of slip resistance. Thanks to their construction and frost resistance, you can still use R9 tiles outdoors, provided you take care when they are wet.

Grout for anti slip floor tiles

The colour of your grout is important since it can radically change the look of your room. For a consistent aesthetic, match your grout colour to your anti slip floor tiles. This causes the borders to merge into one another, creating the illusion of a larger area.

Instead, use a contrasting colour to draw attention to each tile. It’s entirely up to you!

We thought we’d show you a few of our favourite anti slip floor tiles as there are so many to pick from. Anti-slip tiles in a variety of stunning shades are available in our Architonic range for commercial or domestic use indoors and outdoors. Are you looking for something delectably Moroccan? Our Marrakech tiles will look wonderful on both walls and floors in a choice of grey, blue or multicolours.

Samples of anti slip floor tiles

Look through a great selection of anti slip floor tiles in a variety of designs, finishes, and styles. A variety of high-quality porcelain anti slip floor tiles is available. To get your free tile samples, please contact the Direct Tile Warehouse team.