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How colours affect the mood of your bathroom?

Posted by Direct Tile Warehouse | Friday, December 18, 2015

How do different colours affect the design/mood of your bathroom?

If it’s a feeling of calm and relaxation that you desire, opt for pale shades of blue. Another way to create a calm mood is to incorporate shades of light green. To project a feeling of cleanliness, purity and openness, opt for a white colour scheme. If your bathroom doesn’t receive a lot of natural light, excessive use of black can create an undesirable mood. That being said, incorporating black isn’t a problem if you combine it with whites or paler shades.

Can you use more than one colour at a time and why/why not?

Certainly, as long as the colours you intend on using don’t clash. For example, you wouldn’t combine red floor tiles with green wall tiles. Black and white work particularly well together and form one of the most common traditional bathroom colour schemes. A lot of professionals use three colours when designing a bathroom. This requires you to pick one neutral, one rich colour and one accent. However, to make this work, you must place a lot of emphasis on proportion. For people whose tastes lean more towards minimalism, using one colour is also an option. For example, a lot of contemporary bathrooms feature all white tiles, a white bathtub, and various white accessories. In short, it all boils down to personal preferences and how well certain colours work together.

Why are more people using colour/metallics in the bathroom as opposed to all-white schemes?

A big reason for this is the increased level of versatility that modern bathroom tiles and accessories offer. With such an array of colours and materials now available, people are making a conscious effort to make their bathrooms more interesting. Trends such as wood effect tiles and feature walls are encouraging a lot of people to challenge traditional bathroom styles and colour schemes. Furthermore, less and less bathroom designers are promoting all-white bathrooms. That being said, all-white schemes definitely haven’t gone out of date.

Which colours are less likely to date?

For a timeless colour scheme, you can always rely on black and white. This is a colour scheme that has stood the test of time, and with many designers still favouring it, is set to remain popular for a very long time. One tip for identifying timeless colours is to look at both modern and traditional bathrooms and make a note of colours that are commonly featured in both styles. Neutrals and pastel shades are a lot less likely to become dated than brighter colours.

What will be the most popular colours for 2016 in bathrooms?

Grey is become increasingly colour choice for bathrooms in 2016. Part of the reason for this is due to its sophisticated yet edgy appearance that allows for it to work well in a plethora of bathroom styles. That being said, feature walls are the latest trend, so expect to see a lot of neutral bathrooms that have these as a finishing touch.

How does using soft shades differ from stronger, darker tones?

Soft shades create a more homely appearance, whereas darker tones create a more masculine look and feel. You often see soft shades being utilised in bathrooms to create a subtle homely appearance. Soft shades are frequently recommended for smaller bathrooms that have very little sunlight. Using darker tones ensures that a statement is made; this is why they are often used in the bathrooms of luxury hotels and stately homes. That being said, using darker tones doesn’t stop you from creating a homely bathroom, lighter coloured accessories can always be incorporated to tone it down.

What are the best ways to use colour in the bathroom - any natural places for It?

There are a number of ways to use colour in the bathroom, the best way to do this depends on the type of style that you want to create. If you want to add a subtle splash of colour to an all white bathroom, consider incorporating coloured towels and accessories. If you want to add colour in a bolder fashion, incorporate brightly coloured wall or floor tiles. Accessories are the most practical and natural way to use colour in the bathroom. Something that is becoming increasingly popular in bathrooms is the use of plants. This is an excellent way to combine colour and nature to create a relaxing atmosphere.


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