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Shabby chic tiles: one of the new hot styles for 2016

Posted by Direct Tile Warehouse | Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Shabby-chic tiles: one of the new hot styles for 2016

Shabby-chic does exactly what it says on the tin: fuses the stylish and the swish with the rough and edgy, all to create one truly startling effect that combines flair with vintage character. It can mean anything from crackle glazed Metro tiles to mismatched patchwork tiles that join intricate geometric patterns and floral designs from the Victorian era together in a haphazard way. In this article, we take a look at just a few of the shabby-chic tiles, both ceramic and porcelain, currently on the market from Direct Tile Warehouse.

Avon Victorian Style

These pseudo-Victorian tiles mix geometric patterns, eye-catching three-dimensional designs, floral imagery and much more on their patchwork board of different individual squares. The effect is one that both mimics the elegance of 18th century townhouses and breaks from tradition, creating a helter-skelter surface finish that has everything from fleur-de-lis to block printed squares.

Ayora Wall Tiles

The ceramic Ayora range makes use of a more randomised tile pattern than the Avon, mixing different Victorian motifs together with simple, glazed monochrome tiles. The effect makes for a shabby-chic wall that’s spotted with bursts of design and craftsmanship; one that looks truly great as part of a kitchen backsplash or bathroom feature wall.

Nikea Patchwork Tiles (as seen in the image)

Another, louder and more heavily patterned example from Direct Tile Warehouse’s range of shabby chic pieces comes in the form of the Nikea Patchwork Tile range. Purchasers receive a randomised array of different designs when they place an order, meaning your finished floor (and these one’s are great for use on floors with their porcelain material) could end up being a patchwork of any of the 28 individual designs that make up the style.

Decape Wood Effect Tiles

Leaning just a little towards the more rustic side of our shabby-chic selection, the Decape ceramics offers home improvers the chance to infuse their kitchen & bathroom, floors and walls with a dash of New England mismatched classic weather beaten shabbiness.

Crackle Glazed Tiles

Now available in a whole host of different colours, from duck egg to off-grey to plain white, the Crackle Glazed range from Direct Tile Warehouse offers an altogether different twist on the traditional Metro range. They come with a surface that looks almost like uneven paint, giving the impression of a lived-in space and a weathered wall.

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