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6 ways to use mosaic tiles in your home

Posted by Angela Coyle | Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Add a modern twist to an old favourite - mosaic tiles may have been around for thousands of years but that doesn’t mean that they are old fashioned. In fact, far from it! Mosaics have come a long way in recent times and are now available in a wealth of different designs, colours, textures and sizes including circular, hexagon and rectangular shapes. Some modern mosaic tiles have fabulous iridescent colours that can give a beautiful, spectacular appearance to any kitchen or bathroom. Mosaic tiles can be used to create a relaxing or vibrant spa-like feel in your shower or bath area; they can also create eye-catching splash backs around hobs, sinks and basins. Typically supplied on a mesh backing, mosaic tiles can cover large areas with ease and can be easily cut to accommodate smaller spaces such as inlets or borders, which can often add a different dimension and complement your chosen bathroom or kitchen wall tiles.


Take a look at 6 of the most popular ways to use mosaic tiles in your home.

Splash backs

Add a new dimension to your kitchen or bathroom with a mosaic splash back which makes a fabulous practical feature around areas such as kitchen sinks and bathroom washbasins. Use mosaic tiles in a one colour block to contrast with, or complement the colour scheme in the rest of the room. Alternatively, choose a bold design to create a point of interest. Mosaic tiled splash backs don’t have to be rectangular - get creative and design a curved or shaped back splash which draws the eye to other features in the room!

Safari mosaic tiles

Feature walls

A mosaic feature wall is an ideal way to create a spa like bathroom and establish an accent colour which can be introduced in accessories and other bathroom fixtures. Glass mosaics certainly add beauty to a bathroom with their reflective surface, while metallic or natural stone mosaics can help you achieve a ‘wow’ factor when it comes to making a statement.

If tiling the whole wall daunts you, opt for a mosaic feature panel instead. It will create a fabulous focal point; you could even add a contrasting mosaic border to each side of your panel for added flair.


Who said that mosaic tiles are for the walls only? Place them on the floor to create a floor that’s not just lovely to look at, it’s perfect for the conditions of a bathroom. Whether you’re after a plain or patterned look, mosaic tiled floors are a sure fire way to banish a boring base.

Be mindful that smooth tiles can quickly become a slippery hazard alongside a swimming pool or in a shower or bathroom room, so chose a slip resistant mosaic floor tile, with an anti slip R rating. Our anti-slip tiles have a special finish and are made from high quality glass and porcelain. Stone and slate effect mosaic tiles in natural shades of grey and beige are a very popular choice for stylish homes at the moment. You can even use the same tiles on the floor as you do on the walls for a totally designer look.


Mosaic tiles make for some beautiful border designs. Whatever style you choose, you could try a mosaic tile border around the edge of a floor, or along the top of bath tiling, where the tiles meet the wall.

When you’re choosing a border, think carefully about the shape of the space – you want to make sure that you break up an area without jarring the look, or making a small space seem visually smaller. Also be careful to make sure the depth of the tile and the mosaic are the same for a lovely smooth finish.

Space zoning

Mosaic tiles can be used to signal a change of zone within an open plan room, or separate off different area of a bathroom to define your space. Zoning with mosaic tiles is easy because of the wide choice of colours and designs available. Just use your imagination!

Feeling inspired? Why not order a sample and see which mosaic tiles will work in your home? View our complete range of mosaic wall and floor tiles online or in one of our showrooms. Our friendly team are always at the end of the phone should you need any advice.




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