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8 Reasons Wood Effect Tiles Are What You Need in Your House in the New Year

Posted by Angela Coyle | Thursday, December 15, 2016

It is usually at the start of a new year (which is now quickly approaching) that we begin thinking about changes we’d like to implement – whether it’s to our lifestyles, interiors, wardrobe or workplace.   And what a better place to begin than literally starting from the bottom up with new flooring? Regardless of whether you are looking for a new floor in a commercial environment or your own house, wood effect tiles are incredibly versatile – porcelain or ceramic, wood effect tiles will bring that contemporary, refreshed feeling to your décor, and you can even have them fitted with underfloor heating for the cold winter months! 

Here are our top reasons why wood effect floor tiles are a top trend for the New Year: 

1. Improved look

One of the main things which distinguishes wood effect tiles from vinyl floors or plastic laminate is the quality of printing used when making them – the high-grade techniques ensure the tiles boast a realistic texture and a rich colour finish.

2. Greater durability than other flooring alternatives

One of the main advantages wood effect tiles have over laminate floors or even real wood is the lower susceptibility to water or heat damage. Moreover, tiled surfaces are a better alternative to carpeted floors since they don’t curl up or fade.

3. Hygiene

An additional benefit to choosing wood effect tiles over other flooring options such as real wood or carpet is that tiles are by far the easiest to clean, and less likely to collect dust, dirt, or animal hair - making them the best option for anyone who suffers from allergies, or simply anyone who loves animals but hates mess.

4. Wide range of sizes & shapes

Size variety has also significantly expanded when it comes to wood effect tiles – whereas in the past they came in the quite small size of 17x50, Direct Tile Warehouse now offers a whole host of sizes and shapes to fit everyone’s individual preferences – including realistic plank sizes (20x114cm) for those looking to combine the natural look of wood with the durability of tiles. 

5. Variety of finishes 

The fact that there’s also a great choice of finishes for your wood effect tile surfaces, means you have greater freedom to develop a style that’s right for your home. Options include matt or gloss finishes as well as natural looking wood shades, destressed shabby chic designs and dramatic black and white finishes.

If you’re aiming to lay an individualistic, statement floor for your living room or bedroom the stylish Newtron glossed tiles in a bold colour for example will do wonders to the mood of a room.

 You may also wish to consider anti-slip wood effect tiles which are a great choice for kitchens, hallways and bathrooms to help prevent accidents caused by wet floors.

6. Endless possibilities 

Perhaps the main reason wood effect tiles are becoming an increasingly popular option is the fact that the sky is the limit – they can go in any room, on the floor and even on the walls!

Indoors, both porcelain and ceramic wood effect tiles can be used across all rooms – you could go for a classic kitchen-dining room combination to add some extra warmth to the family dinner without the hassle of having to clean up stains from carpets, or deal with warped wood/laminate in the aftermath of a spillage.

Another great place for wood effect tiles is, of course, the living room – pick a unique style, colour and pattern which will reflect the overall character of the room to your family guests, or even draw the eye to your walls by complementing your fireplace, Persian rug or mahogany desk with a signature wood effect tile wall piece. 

Why not even turn your bathroom into a décor masterpiece by combining uniform design tiles like the Maryland across your floor with a wooden furniture set or perhaps something more edgy which would stand out.

The porcelain wood effect tiles are also a fantastic choice for outdoor flooring – their resistance to the elements makes them excellent for decking areas, garden paths and balconies. Compared to natural wood, tiles laid outside require a lot less maintenance, with the added bonus of being slip resistant for extra ease of walking on a rainy day, or during winter when the ground is often frozen.  

7. Choose from a rich colour palette

To further the point that wood effect tiles can be used for virtually any space in your house, the versatile choice of colours gives you a free reign when it comes down to interior design choices.

Want to make a room look more spacious, or brighten up a particularly gloomy area of your home? Then a lighter colour tile is the right choice for you – and while the go-to option here is usually beige, you could also experiment with grey, white or cream! This colour scheme is also particularly fitting if you are going for a neutral look which would complement a particular piece of statement furniture.

If, on the contrary, you are looking to make the floor your room’s centrepiece, you have a number or rich colours in darker shades to play around with - recreate the colour of real wood for a classic feel, or try out patterns and designs to really make an impact!

8. Affordability

Perhaps one of the best things about wood effect tiles (especially if you have really splashed out on Christmas presents) is the fact that there is something for every budget, and your new tiled flooring will last a lot longer than any of the other options.

Searching for the perfect wood effect tiles for your home? Why not order a free sample and see which of the wood effect tiles will help you achieve the look you desire?

View our complete range of wood effect tiles online or in one of our showrooms. Our friendly team are always at the end of the phone should you need any advice.

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