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The Hottest Tile Trends for 2017

Posted by Angela Coyle | Monday, February 06, 2017


Even though it feels like 2016 just ended the other day, we are already a month into the New Year, and interior designers are wasting no time outlining the trends which would drive décor in 2017. If you are planning on refurbishing your home this year, you can get ahead of your neighbours with these new fads.

Tile DO’s:

Rustic and textured tiles: the most prominent trend which comes up in all 2017 ‘what’s in’ lists is the warm materials like terracotta taking centre stage when it comes to tiles, along with the traditional whites or cool tones at the top of the list. The revival of textured, rustic tiles will see them not just as border tiles, but as a dominant matte flooring, fireplace cladding and feature walls - Petra split face tiles in terracotta, for instance, are a beautiful choice of textured tiles for creating a feature wall, whereas if you are looking to create unique textured matt flooring, our Cordoba Tiles range will give any room an ornate Moroccan feel.

This warmth-induced comeback seems to be a part of the growing trend focused on clean and simple style presentation of raw materials and handmade homeware in spicy oranges – saffron, cinnamon, ochre and similar desert tones.

If you are looking to add some trendy warmth and character to your home, try our Provence Rustic Tiles – a very popular range available in terracotta - for creating a beautiful rustic design in your kitchen.

Coloured tiles: as well as the oranges and desert palette mentioned above which would undoubtedly head the trends this year, another natural colour expected to gain popular colour is green – whether it’s incorporated as a furniture piece, or within the tiles themselves, green would bring outdoor colours to your home and add depth to any room. The various popular shades – from lime to dark green - would also fit well with another ‘in’ interior décor trend – namely having a plethora of plants throughout the house.

Jewel tones would also be prevalent, reflecting a lighter, more romantic side of the natural spectrum with colours inspired by metals, stars and the cosmos as a way to add lightness to your décor. Why not include some sparkle in your house with our Planet Mosaic Tiles or opt for the Lagos Duna Beige mix instead - both are a stylish choice for your kitchen as a splashback, or as part of the shower enclosure in your bathroom.

Marble Effect tiles: an overall trend which will remain in fashion in 2017 is faux – not just in terms of faux fur clothes and rugs, but also when it comes to interior design. Improvements in printing and production techniques means authentic materials will be substituted for their faux counterparts to allow for achieving the same effect with hardwearing wearing, easier to prepare materials often on a tighter budget when decorating your home. Amongst faux flooring, a favourite this year would be wood and marble effect tiles, such as our Royal white marble effect tile range which can bring the luxury and natural opulence of marble at an accessible cost.

Patterned tiles: a fantastic way to break the hard edges and straight lines which are commonplace in bathrooms and kitchens is introducing some patterned tiles – be it colourful or monochrome, a patterned tile will give your rooms personality and show attention to detail. Instead of the traditional rigid white and grey, you can add a splash of colour to make large and dull looking spaces come to life.

Take the chance to be bold in your tile choice with the popular Nikea Patchwork Tiles which come in a range of 28 designs and will no doubt be the statement piece of your kitchen, or perhaps combine a throwback to Victorian flooring with the 2017’s trend using our Regent Victorian Tiles.

Brick Type tiles: The masonry trend which we saw emerging through 2016 is expected to grow even more this year – brick tiles of various shapes and sizes sporting wood or concrete look will be central to the more eclectic styles which make use of creative layouts and mixing up the traditional appearance of the likes of backsplashes, fireplaces and walls pieces.

Thin long tiles, also known as kit-kat or finger tiles, are likely to be the preferred choice for interior designs featuring a creative layout, due to their suitability for creating a herringbone pattern (a definite 2017 frontrunner for patterns). Brick tiles would also be essential to another trend we will be increasingly seeing this year – arranging rectangular tiles vertically in a straight line instead of horizontally in a brick pattern.

Add a contemporary feel to your room with a bold wall feature – unleash your creativity with our Artisan Brick Wall Tiles available in a variety of colours.

Scaling up: 2017 is the year to go big and go home – large tiles are set to become increasingly popular for creating a sharp-looking space both within a contemporary and a traditional home. Oversized tiles will create a spacious atmosphere in any size room, especially if you also resort to using ‘rectified tiles’ to do away with grout lines breaking up the continuity of your pattern.

Whether you prefer large square tiles, like our Classic Large Porcelain Tile Flooring, or the popular wood-effect plank tiles such as the Nature Brown Porcelain Wood Effect range, there is a variety of styles and colours for you to experiment with if you are looking to go large scale with your flooring.


In addition to the styles featured above, at Direct Tile Warehouse we offer a variety of colours, styles and sizes to suit your requirements as you pick this year’s hottest tiles to make your home the paragon of interior design trends. Browse our most popular ranges or contact us if you need help choosing the best tiles for your home.


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