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Tiles from around the world (Vol. 2)

Posted by Angela Coyle | Monday, July 17, 2017


Travel the world with our tiles

Summer is now well and truly under way, and with it the season of home makeovers has kicked off! Last month we took your tile shopping around some of the most popular and distinguishable European interior styles – from the clean and functional Scandinavian interior decor all the way across the continent to the rich, warm colours of the Spanish multicultural designs.

This month we expand our journey even further, and present you with a whole new selection of tile designs. Draw inspiration for your home renovation with these exotic designs from across continents:

  • Turkey

[Get the look with: Nikea]

As the melting of all the different cultures crossing paths on its territory, Turkey is particularly famous for the ubiquitous use of colour – a reflection, perhaps, of the influence of the Far East and its silks and the patterns, intertwined with the turquoise blues of the Mediterranean Sea. The majority of Turkish style tiles boast either geometric or flowery designs in eggplant violet, cobalt blue, turquoise and black. Equally popular are all shapes of tile – from brick, to square and rectangular, to hexagon.

  • Persian Tiles

[Get the look with: Cartago Persa]

One of the greatest empires in history, the Persian Empire palaces are famous for being adorned with stunning Persian rugs – the empire’s signature piece of artwork. Unsurprisingly, the Persian style of interior décor was made up largely of using mosaics and intricate geometric designs in a mixture of oranges, reds and terracotta.

Albeit not the original birthplace of tiles, Persia has had a key role in perfecting the artistic design of tiles and is generally credited for the creation of mosaic tiles. You can get the look of a Persian palace for your home by using Cartago Persa as a base and decorating the room with luxurious Persian rugs and lavish golden wall hangings and accessories.

  • South America

[Get the look with: Samba, Provenza]

Embrace the warm, passionate spirit of South American with our Samba floor tiles, which are exceptionally great to dance on. With their wide pattern and colour variation, they will add a rustic feel to your home and look great teamed up with the bright colours and crackle glaze rustic finish of the Provenza range.  Combining an array of bright colours – such as white, yellow and red to green and bright blue – with a rustic finish is the perfect way to infuse some South American atmosphere into your home.

  • India

[Get the look with: Chennai]

As one of the most complex, exotic and interesting interior design styles, Indian style décor is as varied as the country itself thanks to the variations of culture and history in different areas. Some of the key elements you should include if you are trying to capture the Indian essence include bright, varied colours – such as rich browns, burnt oranges and ochre yellows - combined with solid wood furniture, ornate centrepieces and intricately patterned handspun fabrics used in a variety of ways across the home. Our slate effect Chennai stone tiles, for instance, provides a lovely natural base for creating an Indian influenced room with their warm, exotic terracotta accents.

  • The South Pacific & Asia

[Get the look with: Fiji]

If you are looking to channel the spirit of the South Pacific by invoking the cloudless skies, crystal waters and fine sand of the picturesque tropical vacations spots like Hawaii, Fiji and Tahiti, you can transfer the exotic locale to your own home by borrowing a few interior décor tricks from the islanders.

As a result of being almost completely isolated from the surrounding mainland countries for centuries, the islanders of the South Pacific heavily rely on natural materials for their furnishings and decorations – you can achieve similar tropical feel by incorporating woods native to these islands such as mahogany and sandalwood into your own interior décor. Combine bold wood effect tiles, like the Fiji range, with accent colours and floral prints to create your own Pacific haven.


Find the perfect corner of the world for you and bring it into your home – for more inspiration browse our most popular ranges or contact us and we will help you choose the best tiles for your journey across the globe.



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