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Bring Some Heat into Your Home: Moroccan Tiles

Posted by Rebecca | Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Using your favourite holiday as inspiration can be an effective way to bring warmth and personality into your home. Moroccan tiles are one of the most vibrant choices to add to your colour palette.

Bathrooms, kitchens and accent walls are great places to invite a hint of warmer climes into your home without letting the style take over your whole house.

Nikea Patchwork

These gorgeous patchwork tiles can be used for the floor or wall. We think they make a perfect kitchen splashback choice. No more dreading the washing up when you can visually transport yourself back to Marrakech through interior design!

Antique Maroon

Don’t be afraid to let the colours of Moroccan foods and landscapes inspire you to think out of the box. We love these glossy maroon wall tiles that remind us of tagines and desert sand dunes. (If the floor tiles in this image have caught your eye, you can find them here.)

Feeling inspired? Here's our collection of Moroccan tiles.



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