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How to choose the perfect grey tile by size, finish and slip rating

Posted by ANGELA COYLE | Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Over the past couple of years, grey tiles have grown in popularity and have established themselves as one of the preferred floor and wall tile choices thanks to their simultaneously sophisticated and edgy look, which makes them suitable for a range of interior styles.

With such a variety of options, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the choice. That’s why this month we put together a handy guide to grey tiles.

Choosing grey tiles by size


There are a number of benefits to choosing small tiles – they are a perfect choice for smaller spaces where the large tiles might not fit aesthetically. You can use small wall tiles to create a specific visual effect - small grey metro tiles, like the Avila Grey Metro Tiles, are a great twist on the classic white alternative often seen in bathroom design, and would also look super slick as the background to your sofa in a contemporary living room.

Alternatively, if the reason why you’re opting for smaller tiles is so you can have more flexibility to create a feature wall or floor to complete the shabby chic design of your bathroom or kitchen, small decorative tiles such as our Nikea Patchwork Tiles which come in an array of different patters will be perfect for creating that eye-catching effect.


Middle size tiles are ideal for British bathroom and kitchens, especially if they are not particularly large. This size tile can give the feeling of space, particularly if you use matching grout colours for a more seamless effect. Middle size tiles are also easier to handle and use than larger tiles.

This tile size is particularly suitable for patterned floor tiles, as it allows you to create the look of small tiles while reducing the installation work – notice how ranges such as the Boulevard Grey and Beige Patterned Floor Tiles and the Avon Grey Mosaic Effect Tiles incorporate faux grout lines to achieve the visual effect of four small tiles within one medium sized tile.


Large-format tiles are becoming increasingly popular, especially for spaces decorated in a contemporary industrial style. They are great for creating a sense of space and continuity across the room, with the fewer grout lines allowing the gaze to slide along the surface, creating a functional and clean line look perfect for any room in the home, including open plan living rooms and kitchens.

Our Cemento Porcelain Floor Tiles in Anthracite Grey, for example, are available in both the popular, easy to handle 600 x 600 format, as well as an extra-large format, for those who are really thinking big! These hard-wearing tiles can also be used in a commercial setting and are ideal for sleek office environment.

Choosing grey tiles by finish


In addition to being a very stylish choice for your bathroom or kitchen, the texture of the matt floor tiles’ finish can offer extra grip. You can create stunning traditional or rustic look across the space using matt grey tiles, such as our Architonic Grey Porcelain Floor Tiles; matt tiles also combine well with both natural stone tiles and stone effect tiles to complete the feeling of texture.

In addition to their anti-slip properties, these can also be used to pave outdoor areas, as they also offer great durability and weather resistance. Again, consider combining with natural stone to create a warm, homely look in your outside areas.


Use gloss tiles in smaller rooms where their silken finish will reflect the light and make the entire space seem bigger and brighter. The slippery nature of gloss tiles also makes them ideal for surfaces which need to be wiped clean quite often, such as kitchen splashbacks and bathroom walls.

Marble effect gloss tiles such as the Anubise Grey Tiles range also look fantastic around fireplaces, where they create the luxurious look of real marble without the extra cost and hassle. Here, again, being easy to wipe comes in handy for clearing the soot and keeping the area sparkling clean!

Choosing grey tiles by anti slip rating

Depending on the space you’re planning to use your tiles in, you also need to choose the appropriate slip resistance rating. R9-rated tiles, like our Dotti Floor R9 Tiles, are great for spaces where heavy-duty tiles are required, whether that’s commercial floors, garage floors or exterior areas.

The Clarens Dark Grey R11 Anti Slip Tiles offer an even higher rating, which makes them the perfect choice for busy family homes where spillages are likely to happen on regular basis. Similarly, they’re a stylish and safe choice for commercial environments such as restaurants and bars, as well as external spaces like poolsides and garden paths.

Floor tiles rated R12 and higher, such as the Dotti R12 Non-Slip Floor Tiles, are considered non-slip and designed specifically for areas in the home where a hard-wearing tile is required, as well as a commercial environment where extra sturdy floors are a must.

Make sure you’ve picked the right type of grey tiles for your home - order a free sample and choose the range that best fit your interior design vision. Alternatively, view our complete range of grey tiles in one of our showrooms, or get in touch with the Direct Tile Warehouse team for advice.

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