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Which tile colour to choose?

Posted by Direct Tile Warehouse | Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Choosing the perfect tiles can seem a bit daunting, with thousands of options in all sorts of sizes, shapes and patterns. One of the first consideration you’re likely to make is which tile colour to choose, whether you’re going for something to blend in with your surroundings, stand out, or simply picking your favourite colour.

These tips for choosing coloured tiles will help you let your true colours shine through.

Where to start

Browse through magazines, social media, look at décor on TV programmes or have a nose around a friend’s house! Or be inspired by nature or a favourite item of clothing.

Order samples of any tiles you fancy – they may look completely different in ‘real life’ than online! Ours are completely free of charge.

A Pinterest board is a useful tool for organising your ideas.


Neutral tile colours

White tiles

White evokes the feeling of cleanliness, purity and sincerity and is one of our favourite tile shades as it’s so versatile. If your room doesn’t receive a lot of natural light, white is great to lighten it up. It’s also a great base colour to complement patterned tiles, bolder colours or contrasting accessories. You’ll find lots of white tiles to choose from and they really are a timeless choice. 



Mega Gloss White Floor Tiles

Balmoral black gloss floor tiles


Black tiles

Sophisticated, stylish and a little bit mysterious, black tiles are a classy number. From slate effect floor tiles to combine classic with contemporary, or shiny black metro wall tiles for an upmarket hotel feel – be bold with black! Get back in black – it’s a shade that never goes out of style.

Grey tiles

Grey is here to stay! This adaptable shade represents balance and neutrality, making it perfect on its own or alongside other colours or patterns. Both sophisticated and edgy at the same time, grey tiles are the perfect choice for a look that won’t date – whether you choose soft grey wood-effect floor tiles, shiny metro tiles or grey patterned tiles.



Domus grey floor tiles


Borgogna Beige Stone Effect Modular Tiles



Beige tiles

Beige is definitely not boring – this hue is all about comfort and neutrality in a cool and understated kind of way. Beige tiles are all about creating a soft, natural look that will blend in perfectly with an array of different styles and tones. Pair with white to create a really contemporary look.

Cream tiles

Cool, calming and classic, cream tiles make a great choice. This neutral shade will work well with browns, beiges and greys - even alongside white for a less clinical look. This soft shade will add some timeless style to any room whether you choose a cream wall tile or floor tile. 


Reval cream tiles

Mistral Cream Marble Effect Tiles



Brown tiles

Brown tiles are adaptable for any look you want to create. This colour represents comfort and a down to earth nature, and the warm neutral tones will add a softness to any room. Brown wood effect floor tiles are a favourite choice to mimic the look of timber (at a fraction of the price) and brown patterned wall tiles will jazz things up without being too over the top.



Accent tile colours

Red tiles

Red is the colour of ambition, determination, energy, love and passion. Choosing red tiles will really turn up the heat and make a statement, so they aren’t for the faint hearted! However, if bold red metro tiles aren’t your thing, try a touch of sparkle with red mosaic tiles or a classic Mediterranean look with quintessentially Italian red quarry tiles.



Opal red hexagon wall and floor tiles

Decorative orange and blue patterned tiles



Orange tiles

The colour of fun and positivity, orange tiles can really add a zesty twist to your room. Whether you go for a bold bright metro tile, or a more subtle pattern, orange tiles will certainly add a pop of colour and put a smile on your face. For a darker tone, try amber or cinnamon shades to spice up your life.



Green tiles

Green represents balance and growth, but we also think it has multiple uses as a tile colour. Add some life to a room with vibrant lime green tiles, create a classic country look with subtle olive green metro tiles, go mysterious and moody with deep dark green tiles or try a touch of calm and sanctuary with pale green tiles.


Green metro brick tiles

 Harlem Blue Tiles from Direct Tile Warehouse  


Blue tiles

Blue makes us think of summer skies and calm waters. The colour of loyalty, peace and trust, blue tiles can be really versatile in your home. Create a calming effect with soft blue tiles, use seaside shades for your bathroom or go with bold dark blue tiles for a bit of drama that’s not quite as dark as black but still makes a statement.


Pink tiles


Light pink tiles add a delicate touch of softness to any room and work really well with white, black, brown and grey tiles. Want to make more of a pop? Don’t be afraid to try brighter pink tiles like cerise and fuchsia to really make an impact. Go pink and proud or more understated with pink patterned tiles.


Eco pink pastel tiles


Metallic tile colours

Imperium Amber and Gold Mosaic Tiles



Gold tiles

If you’re going for glamorous, go for gold. Gold represents elegance, extravagance, luxury and success, but it can be more effective to keep it subtle than go the whole ‘Goldfinger’ with your room! Keep it classy (and glassy) with metallic mosaic tiles or try a deluxe design with a hint of luxurious gold in a patterned tile.


Silver tiles  

Silver tiles will twinkle away and give your room some sparkle. Silver is the colour of glamour and mystery, and we think it looks fabulous in tile form. Try glimmering silver mosaic tiles or a hint of silver on brick effect tiles. Either way, you’ll achieve an effect that’s a little bit different but stylish and spectacular.


Metal Mosaic Tiles - Blue and Silver Mosaic Tiles

Mars Rust Copper Porcelain Floor Tiles - Square




Copper tiles


Copper and rose gold tiles may be a current trend, but they are both classic shades that will stay stylish. Copper represents wealth and will definitely add some metallic luxury to any tiling project. Copper tiles are perfect if you’re looking for a distressed, shabby chic or slightly industrial look and they also work well with neutrals, other metallic tile shades and bold colours.



How many colours to use?

Three colours
Many interior designers use three colours when planning a room – one neutral, one rich and one accent.

Black and white tiles are a classic combination and create a sophisticated look.

Choose just one colour for a pure look

A splash of colour
Add another colour with accessories such as towels, picture frames, ornaments, candles and cushions.

All the colours

Torn between a few colours?

Why not have them all and choose multi-coloured tiles! 


Riga Patchwork Tiles



Still not sure which colour tiles to choose? Take advantage of our free sample offer and try a few out!

If you are feeling inspired, you can check our great range of floor tiles here:

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