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Go large! Our guide to 20mm outdoor tiles

Posted by Direct Tile Warehouse | Thursday, July 11, 2019


Whether you want to create a beautiful outdoor path, a perfect patio, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to outdoor tiles. Create a seamless look from indoors to outdoors with matching interior and exterior tiles, use wood effect tiles as an alternative to decking, or create a quintessentially English cottage style with quarry tiles. The sky’s the limit, as long as your tiles are frost resistant and anti-slip.

The new size on the block is 20mm-deep tiles. Here’s why 2cm deep is the way forward (or any direction) for your outdoor space.

20mm outdoor tiles

There’s nothing worse than having to compromise style over sturdiness (or vice versa) when it comes to choosing floor tiles. Thankfully, our new range of 20mm outdoor tiles solves that problem, offering the winning combination of gorgeous designs and gargantuan durability.

Carleen Sand 20mm Exterior Floor Tiles

Carleen Sand Exterior Floor Tiles



Belgio Black Exterior Floor Tiles

Belgio Black Exterior Floor Tiles 


Benefits of 20mm tiles

Super strength

Typical outdoor tiles can be relatively thin, with depths of around 9-12mm. A 20mm thickness greatly increases the strength of the tile, making them hardwearing and resistant to loads, stresses and thermal shock.


20mm will take a lot of abuse, from the great British weather to heavy feet and vehicles. As they’re frost resistant, they’re ideal for chilly temperatures, and being resilient to mould, moss and stains means they’re easily cleaned.

Anti-slip surface

Gardens and outdoor areas can be prone to lots of water, from rain, paddling pools and water fights in the summer. A hefty R rating on 20mm tiles (ours are all R11) gives a grippier surface underfoot to help prevent and slips and trips.

A bespoke look

If you’re looking for something a little different to standard patio slabs, decking, cement or stone, 20mm tiles will pave the way for a more unique look. You’ll also be spoilt for choice with a range of colours and finishes to match your house or garden wall brick work in order to create a glorious garden path or a fantastic feature settings around an ornamental pond with just a few tiles.

Versatile installation

2cm deep tiles provide more versatility, as you can lay them pretty much anywhere, with a choice of methods. Use traditional adhesive, or go adhesive-free to make maintenance, removal or repositioning much easier. Keep reading to find out more about installing 20mm tiles.

Indoors to outdoors

As 20mm tiles are also suitable for internal flooring, you can continue the look from indoors to outdoors by laying the same tiles from a kitchen, hallway, corridor or conservatory out to a patio, garden or balcony – or just smarten up your garage floor!

Clark Mica Dark Grey Outdoor Tiles

Clark Dark Grey Exterior Floor Tiles



Cover Outdoor Tile - Marfil Cream

Cover Outdoor Tile - Marfil Cream


What are 20mm thick tiles suitable for?

Residential use

Balconies, driveways, garage floors, gardens, hard landscaping, indoor floors, paths, patios, raised pavings, swimming pool surrounds and walkways.

Commercial use

Any heavy traffic areas, car parks, pavements, shopping centres and urban areas.

Etrvria Smoke Grey Exterior Tiles

Etrvria Smoke Grey Exterior Tiles



Nico Beige Exterior Floor Tiles

Nico Beige Exterior Floor Tiles


How to lay 20mm outdoor tiles

Another beauty of 20mm tiles is the choice of installation options, with four methods to choose from.

Raised flooring with supports

This practical solution offers numerous advantages. The raised installation allows room for pipes and systems underneath, which can be easily inspected, as well as offering high heat insulation and effective water drainage. The tiles can also be installed quickly and used straight away. You can use this method on existing floors and new surfaces.

Installation on gravel or soil

Installing 20mm tiles on gravel or soil is a quick and easy method, and avoids the need for using adhesives or grout. Other advantages include more efficient water drainage, the option to remove the tile altogether, and you can walk on the surface immediately after laying.

Dry installation on grass

If you’d like to create a pathway or feature area in your garden, position the tiles on a layer of gravel to add stability and create a more level surface. We recommended leaving enough space between the tiles for grass to grow through.

Installation with adhesives

High traffic or heavy load area? Adhesive is the best solution, but make sure your floor is perfectly level first!

How NOT to install 20mm tiles

Avoid laying your tiles on semi dry sand and cement mix, as they tend to come loose over time, especially in main walkways, such as around a washing line, etc.

Roden Pearl Grey Patio Tiles

Roden Pearl Grey Exterior Tiles 


If you need any help in choosing 20mm tiles, give our team a call on 01792 773 015 or 0800 8766 866, or email info@directtilewarehouse.com


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