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5 Indoor-Outdoor Tiles Which Will Help You Bring The Outdoors In

Posted by Angela Coyle | Thursday, March 05, 2020

Winter is slowly departing and as each day goes by, a little more sun begins to brighten our days. Naturally we’re all looking forward to spending time outdoors, but with the weather not likely to be warm enough to do so for quite some time, the perfect solution is to bring the outdoors indoors, with the help of transition tiles.

Give your outside space more of an interior feel, and turn it into a natural extension of your glass room or conservatory by using similar tiles outside as you do inside: 

1. Maryland Wood Effect Tiles

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Our Maryland wood effect tiles are anti-slip, and therefore a superb choice for swimming pool tiles and outdoor decking, as well as being an ideal alternative to hardwood flooring for your interior.

You can make the indoor-outdoor transition between your living room and garden smoother by adding on a pair of foldable sliding doors to match the overall décor theme – it will do wonders to making it feel like one large living area! Just be conscious of space – for small patios sliding or pocket doors are great and for large patios, French doors and swinging (bifold) doors work best.

If you are looking for a more unconventional solution, you could try corner doors – they allow tons of natural light into otherwise dark corners, and make for a seamless transition between home and garden.

2. Rodano Large Floor Tiles

Rodano Taupe Floor Tiles

The contemporary finish of the Rodano tiles makes them perfect for both outdoor and indoor spaces, providing a seamless transition from one to the other.

A wonderful alternative to natural stone, these tiles look great when they’re matched with rattan furniture, some trendy cushions and some beautiful throws to ensure comfort both during the warm summer days ahead and the cooler, dry evenings.

While you could choose furniture that is made from aluminium, plastic or wood, it’s important to think about maintenance. Natural materials like rattan and wicker are a great midpoint between the two – they are comfortable and look great, they’re a lot easier to move than natural wood and only require waterproofing once every couple of years. 

3. Keystone Anti Slip Tiles

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Natural stone flooring, like our Keystone porcelain tiles, is an ideal alternative to decking - not only are stone effect tiles very durable, but they also come in a wide range of variations and materials.

Another clever way to turn your garden and living room into one large living-friendly area which won’t require you to spend a fortune is bringing some potted plants inside to enhance the seamless look between the two spaces.

The trick to remaining edgy and not turning your conservatory into a genuine greenhouse is clustering plants in odd numbers – stick to just one if it comes in a giant pot, or layer a few small flowers on the shelf to make it more pleasing to the eye.

You don’t even have to stick to potted or tabletop plants – if you find yourself pressed for space, or simply want to jazz things up, you can look into introducing some hanging planters to your interior décor.

4. Trevi Patterned Tiles

Create a wonderful Moroccan design with Moorish style tiles. They are made from porcelain and can be used as interior or exterior floor tiles. You can globalise your outdoor seating area by adding other arabesque touches such as wicker chairs, bohemian rugs and cushions, Moroccan urns, an Indonesian coffee table, lanterns, perhaps even a fireplace or an outdoor firepit to complete the cushy feeling of your outdoor living room.

5. Borgogna Modular Tiles

Borgogna Modular Tiles

Modular tiles are perfect for creating a completely unique look, thanks to their choice of shapes and sizes. Our Borgogna Modular Tiles are available in a variety of neutral shades, but we love this bold slate colour, which will look fantastic against stark white walls for a minimal feel or livened up with splashes of colour in your accent pieces.

If you are inspired to ‘internalise’ your outdoors, but none of the tiles above take your fancy, have a browse through our full range of interior and interior tiles or get in touch if you have any queries.

If you are feeling inspired, you can check our great range of floor tiles here:

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