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Add a pop of pastel to your home

Posted by Direct Tile Warehouse | Wednesday, May 13, 2020


Pastel colours are really growing in popularity amongst our customers, so we thought we’d showcase how you can introduce some of these softer hues into your home. From light blues to coral pinks, there’s a whole rainbow of subtle shades to choose from to inject some warmth and understated elegance into your interior design.

Bright but calm, fun and relaxing, pastel shades can help create a truly unique room. Go all out with a splash of soft-shaded tiles, or add a pastel accent with appliances, artwork, fabrics or furniture,.

Here are five of our favourite soothing shades that are perfect for the summer.

Soft blue hues

These glorious Gamma brick tiles are available in a range of soft shades including this beautiful blue. This lovely colour will add a calming effect to any bathroom or kitchen, and we love the watercolour effect for a really bespoke look.

Gamma soft blue pastel brick tiles

Gamma Soft Blue Brick Tiles

Pastel patterns

Pastel shades aren’t just for walls! These Windsor tiles are a favourite with the Direct Tile Warehouse team as they’ve got it all – great colour palette, fabulous pattern and an air of elegance. Use lavishly on the entire floor or sparingly accompanied by bright white tiles to make the colours pop.

Windsor Victorian Patterned Tiles

Corot Pastel Patterned Floor Tiles

Calming pastel bathroom

Green pastels are soothing and peaceful, making them ideal for relaxing bathrooms and for chilled out kitchens. These green Aria tiles have a gorgeous gloss finish so the shade will really shine, and they can be paired with one or two of the many other colours in this range.

Avila pastel green gloss metro tile

Avila Green Tiles

Blend plain and patterned pastels

If you’re looking for something really spectacular, why not combine pastels, plain and patterned tiles? Our Vita range includes these stunning blue-green tiles, which look fantastic paired with the matching décor and coordinating plain beige tiles.This look is also available in blue.

Vita Green and Beige Pastel Metro Tiles

Vita Green and Beige Tiles

A rainbow of pastel tile shades

Can’t decide which pastel tile colours to choose? Why not have them all! Our Eco tiles are a subtle mix of pink, mint and light blue tiles are perfect for creating a Scandi-style design or a summer-inspired home.

Eco Aqua Pastel Metro Tiles

Eco Aqua Metro Tiles

 We hope you have enjoyed reading about our pastel interior design ideas! As always, if you need any help with your tiling project, please get in touch


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