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Bathscaping – the bathroom trend that’s bubbling up in 2021

Posted by Direct Tile Warehouse | Tuesday, April 06, 2021

The interior design world is awash with the term bathscaping at the moment, so we thought we’d dip a toe in and find out more. Just like landscaping involves making a piece of land more attractive by adding foliage and ornamental features, bathscaping simply means sprucing up the area around your bath. This could be by adding accessories, storage or soft furnishings.

This rise in popularity to create a beautiful bathroom sanctuary might be due to many of us spending more time at home during lockdown, having spare money from missing out on holidays, or needing a calm place to unwind and relax. Let’s face it, even if you’re more of a shower person, you can’t beat the occasional long soak in the bath.

When it comes to the stats, the search term ‘Bathroom’ on the Direct Tile Warehouse website is up 136% from last year, and according to Drench, 47% of Brits are making their bathroom modern, and 1 in 4 customers are upgrading their bath or separating it from the shower.

The beauty of bathscaping is that, unlike a bathroom renovation, it doesn’t need to cost a lot, so you can refresh the look every few years. You can buy wonderful accessories from soft furnishing retailers, find bespoke pieces from local craftspeople or scour eBay for bespoke vintage delights.

Stylish and functional are the bathscaping keywords to bear in mind so that your bathroom is an oasis of bliss but everything you need is to hand. Especially that cup of tea or glass of wine!

Relocate your bath mat

A very simple place to start on your bathscaping adventure is to move your bath mat. Try taking it off the floor and draping it over the bath, radiator or towel rail. This will instantly add interest and texture to your room. Not only will this look great, but it also gives your mat the chance to air and collect fewer germs or mildew.

Bathscaping monochrome bathroom with Boulevard patterned tiles

Rhian & Matt's bathroom 

Buy a bath tray

A bath tray is a simple move to add some style to your bathroom. They’re perfect for balancing your book and keeping your bath products to hand while you’re soaking away. A bath tray can also hold tea lights to add to the ambience or reed diffusers for a spot of aromatherapy. And of course, it’s a great place to rest your beverage!  Choose from wood, wire, bamboo or plastic in a range of colours and styles.

Customer bathscaping project with white metro tiles and bath tray

Betsan & Steffan's bathroom

Calming bathroom candles

Scented candles can help create a beautiful atmosphere in your bathroom, from calming lavender to refreshing citrus. With the lights out and the twinkle from a tealight, you can conjure up blissful visions of a luxury spa. Always use candles carefully, don’t leave them unattended and remember to blow them out when it’s time to dry off!

Customer bathscaping project with Boulevard Victorian tiles

Natalie's bathroom

Rustic accessories

Add the natural feel with timber in your bathroom, from wooden shelves or wood-effect flooring. A wooden stool is a great addition that you can use to display plants, a mirror, artwork or towels. Or to rest your legs while supervising bath time with your little ones!

Customer bathscaping project with Victorian tiles and plants

Alys' bathroom

Beach themed bathroom

Recreate that holiday feeling all year round by selecting nautical or beach-themed artwork or ornaments. Collect shells from the seaside, fill decorative jars with sand or buy natural loofas to complete the look. Or perhaps choose a blue theme to represent the sea or a vibrant summer sky. You’ll be whisked away to the coast in no time, without any troublesome sand getting everywhere.

Customer bathscaping project with seaside and beach accessories

Sally's bathroom

Add some pizazz with plants

According to studies, indoor plants can increase concentration, creativity, mood and productivity, as well as reducing colds, fatigue and stress. They also produce oxygen and absorb toxins, along with adding a lovely splash of colour. However, if you’re not green-fingered, there is some realistic fake foliage out there that will look just as nice without the maintenance.

Customer bathscaping project with white tiles and plants

Vicki's bathroom

Quirky bathroom storage

Looking for something that’s practical but a little different for your bathroom? Why not opt for some quirky bathroom storage. The sky’s the limit when it comes to creativity, and you could upcycle an existing unit with paint or wallpaper for an instant refresh. Store towels on ornamental ladders, in painted wooden crates, nestled in fireplaces or on towel hooks made of taps. Toiletries can be jauntily housed in basket shelves, tubs fixed to the wall, or decanted into matching bottles. There’s even a sheep toilet roll holder out there!

Customer bathscaping project with industrial tiles, ladder and bath tray

Gemma's bathroom

Keep it clutter-free

If you like your bathroom to be more minimalistic, why not add new storage to hide everything away neatly. Think wicker baskets, tall and slim units, and under-sink storage. You might be able to buy a new bath panel with doors to make use of any storage space around the bathtub. If you’re thinking of refurbishing your bathroom, niche shelves are a fabulous option for your lotions and potions.

Customer bathscaping project with niche shelves and watercolour blue tiles

Lisa's bathroom

Feature tiles

We almost got to the end of a blog post without mentioning tiles! A quick bathscaping upgrade is to add a new splashback, which you might be able to achieve with only a few tiles. There are so many sizes, shapes and designs to choose from, including magical mosaics, funky patchworks and classy marble-effect. You could add texture with split-face tiles or you can’t go wrong with a classic metro, laid in any pattern you fancy.

Customer bathscaping project with patchwork splashback tiles

Craig's bathroom

If we’ve inspired you to give bathscaping a go, we’d love to see your projects. Please email info@directtilewarehouse.com or tag us on social media.


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