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Choosing hallway floor tiles

A thoroughfare of the traffic of everyday life, receiver of post through the letter box and home to discarded footwear and coats - it’s easy to take the humble hallway for granted.

But large or small, modern or traditional, it's definitely worth taking time to choose the right flooring, so we've filtered out our favourite floor tiles to inspire you.

Here are some great reasons to overhaul your hallway:

  • Make a lasting first impression on your guests by choosing the right hall tiles. When guests enter your home, the hallway is the first thing to greet them.
  • With the rain comes mud, and with mud comes footprints and pawprints! Save yourself the effort of carpet cleaning by swapping to low-maintenance floor tiles.
  • Floor tiles can be extremely hard wearing – perfect for an area that has such a high footfall.
  • Non-slip floor tiles will guarantee you both style and safety.


Choosing the right tiles


The material things

Floor tiles can be made from a variety of materials, so here’s a quick overview of the benefits of each:


Bold and striking, slate tiles are very durable, but need to be sealed to prevent damage from moisture absorption.


A more cost-effective option than slate but not as porous, porcelain tiles are durable and available in a wide variety of colours, styles and textures.


Ceramic tiles allow you to really unleash your creativity as the extensive choice of colours and styles is seemingly endless.


Fired at a high temperature in a similar way to brick, clay makes a solid choice for a durable tile.

Our style tips

Lightly does it

If you have a smaller hallway, go with lighter shades for the floors and walls.

Never too busy

While floor tiles are easy to clean, a busier pattern will help to disguise any muddy foot (or paw) prints!

Go to great lengths

Shorter hallway? Choose longer tiles and run them vertically to create an illusion of more space.

Our haul of the best hallway tiles


Nikea Patchwork floor tiles

Patchwork perfection

One of our best sellers, these authentic-looking vintage Nikea patchwork tiles are the perfect decorative floor tile. With over 28 beautiful designs available, you’ll create a truly unique hallway. for creating a shabby chic or industrial look.

Material: Ceramic

Style: Rustic/Shabby chic


Cambridge classic floor tiles


Timeless classic

Craft a classic corridor with these Cambridge patterned floor tiles to create a beautiful Victorian-style entrance with a more traditional look.

Material: Ceramic

Style: Traditional   


Italian Red Quarry Tiles


Quaint quarry

Whether you want to evoke the cosy welcome of a trattoria on the Italian Riviera or just want a vibrant splash of colour, these Italian red quarry tiles are a versatile and classic tile choice.

Material: Clay

Style: Rustic/Traditional

Movila Wood effect tile


Wow with wood effect

These Movila wood effect floor tiles are perfect for creating a shabby chic or industrial look. Made from hard-wearing ceramic, they provide the winning combination of stability and style.
Material: Ceramic
Style: Rustic/Shabby chic

Slate effect floor tile


Simply slate

This beautiful slate-effect flooring will give a stylish effect in black, white or both. Stick with a traditional design or mix it up in a pattern.

Material: Porcelain

Style: Modern or traditional

White and off-white tiles for a roomy, modern feel 

Wonderful white

Keeping bang up to date with the latest trends, the textured decor white Adine floor tile combines shabby chic, style and simplicity all in one go. Material:

Material: Ceramic

Style: Versatile


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