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Patterned tiles 

With their playful appearance and splashes of colour, patterned tiles can add so much interest to your room, and it’s no surprise to find them in boutique hotels and designer bars. You can use a small section for a feature wall or floor, liven up plain walls with a patterned floor, or even use patterned tiles outdoors for a feature on a ledge or in a bar or summerhouse.

From hallways to conservatories and bathrooms to kitchens, there are so many options available, whether you go for colour, or monochrome. The beauty of patterned tiles is that they work well in both modern and traditional homes.

If you’re wondering how to choose patterned tiles, then our guide is here to help.

Benefits of patterned tiles

There are many advantages of using patterned tiles in your home. These include:

Adding a theme or a style to a particular area

If you’ve chosen plain walls or floors, patterned tiles are a great way to add some movement and detail into your room. You could opt for contemporary geometric, Moorish Moroccan tiles, or timeless Victorian designs.

Creating a unique look

Patterned tiles are a fantastic choice if you want something a little different and with bags of personality. A few of our patterned tile ranges come with a selection of different tiles, so you can get creative knowing that no-one else will share the same design as you!

Drawing attention to a particular space

Patterned tiles are perfect for creating a feature, such as a kitchen splashback or shower wall that will be both eye-catching and practical. You don’t need to use high volumes of tiles for the wow factor, even just a few tiles can make a difference, in front of a fireplace or as a garden step.

Manises patterned tiles from Direct Tile Warehouse

Where to use patterned tiles


As the first area of your home that visitors see, a patterned hallway makes a wonderful welcome. And tiles are always a good choice to cope with busy foot traffic and muddy shoes and paws in the colder months!


The humble cloakroom often gets forgotten as it’s such a small room, but patterned tiles can really cheer up a smaller space, and you won’t need to buy too many of them either!


A patterned tile splashback is a wonderful way to upgrade your kitchen and give it the wow factor. You could choose vintage tiles for country kitchens or geometrics alongside glossy appliances, whatever the choice they’re a durable option and easy to maintain.


If your bathroom is a sanctuary, then patterned tiles in soft colours and muted designs will help create an aura of calm. Alternatively, bold monochrome patterned tiles work brilliantly with plain tiles, as a shower wall, inset shelf or on the floor.


When it comes to creating a focal point, patterned tiles are the way forward, especially when contrasting against a neutral room. Think shower walls, chimney breasts, fireplaces or even shelves.


Jazzing up your staircase is a breeze with patterned tiles on your stair risers. This playful idea will bring a smile to your face and make your home look really unique.

Outdoor spaces

Patterned tiles aren’t just for indoors – you can recreate that holiday feel with Moroccan tiles, or even a Greek taverna! Don’t forget outdoor feature walls, steps and paths too.

Choosing patterned tiles

Here are a few points to consider before choosing your tiles:

  • Which colour grout will you choose? Complimentary or contrasting?
  • Look at the size of the tiles when planning your project. If tiles need to be cut, discuss with your tiler how the pattern will continue.
  • Some patterned tiles are joined to make a pattern but others give the impression of separate tiles in one single tile.

Moroccan patterned tiles

Add some Moorish magic to a courtyard, patio or hallway with Moroccan tiles. Often in natural shades, they give you the option to add pretty patterns and recreate that holiday feeling all year round.

Types of patterned tile

Victorian Patterned Tiles
Victorian Patterned Tiles
A timeless classic, Victorian tiles are a great option if you want a more subtle pattern. They’re not just for period homes either, as their soft hues and gentle geometrics work well in contemporary spaces too.
 Cronos Geometric Patterned Tiles
Geometric Patterned Tiles
Add some understated style with geometric patterned tiles. Many geometric tiles have a simple repeating graphic in just one or two colours and are fantastic for a bang up to date living space.

Riga Patchwork Tiles

Patchwork patterned tiles

Patchwork tiles are the ideal choice if you’re after a shabby chic or bohemian look. These tiles often contain a fantastic mixture of colours, so they’re great for coordinating with wall colour or accessories.

Riga Patchwork Tiles

Vintage Tiles

Vintage patterned tiles

With a deliberately worn look, vintage tiles are ideal for lovers of shabby-chic and retro interior design. Available in many colours and designs, they’re the tiles for you if you’re looking for some character that’s not too over the top.

Vintage Tiles

Agadir Moroccan Tiles

Moroccan patterned tiles

Add some Moorish magic to a courtyard, patio or hallway with Moroccan tiles. Often in natural shades, they give you the option to add pretty patterns and recreate that holiday feeling all year round. 

Agadir Moroccan Tiles

Customer case studies

Nikea patchwork patterned tiles in a customer cloakroom   Star tiles in James & Kady's bathroom   Customer fireplace using Boulevard patterned tiles   Provence patterned tiles in customer's garden Greek Taverna
Nikea Patchwork tiles in Hannah's Cloakroom   Star tiles in James & Kady's bathroom   Boulevard tiles in Natalie's fireplace   Provence tiles in Susan's Greek Taverna


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