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Exterior Floor Tiles

Exterior floor tiles in hardwearing porcelain and beautiful quarry. We’re happy to offer advice on outdoor floor tiles and recommend external tiles suitable for British weather. Order your free tile samples today.
Indian Stone Effect Outdoor Porcelain Pavers

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There are a few golden rules to follow when it comes to choosing exterior tiles. Tiles for patios and gardens must be resilient, strong, and long-lasting to withstand significant wear and tear as well as the ever-changing British weather. And they need to look good too!

What is the best material for exterior tiles?

Porcelain, which is more solid and less porous than ceramic, is our top choice for exterior tiles. This makes it an excellent choice for rainy days, as less water gets into the tile, making it less prone to shatter if the water freezes.

Slate and quarry tiles are also incredibly durable and resistant to cold.

How strong do exterior tiles need to be?

Exterior tiles, unlike indoor wall and floor tiles, must survive rain, shine, and everything in between, thus they must be extremely durable.

Another factor to consider is the degree of use – a patio for relaxing and unwinding won’t require tiles that are as tough as a garden that sees a lot of action from children or pets!

What do the different ‘R’ ratings mean?

If you’re looking for exterior tiles, the ‘R’ rating indicates the tile’s level of anti slip.

Our handy guide will explain more.

External Floor Tiles

The latest 2 cms (20 mm) tiles offer improved strength, an anti slip finish and greater versatility for installation. The benefits are:

  • Super strength
  • Durability
  • Anti-slip surface
  • A bespoke look
  • Versatile installation

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