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How to Tile With Direct Tile Warehouse

If you need some help with how to tile or advice on which accessories to buy please do not hesitate to ask the Direct Tile Warehouse team. As members of the Tile Assocation and with over 35 years experience we can offer friendly, professional advice.

The tiling guides below have been produced to answer some of the most asked about tiling subjects - from how to lay mosaic tiles to using grout and adhesives - we hope that your tiling projects and designs will benefit.

Grout, Adhesive and Primer Factsheets

The below factsheets will help you identify exactly the right grout, adhesive or primer products you will need in your tiling project. Getting the right mixture is really important and depends on where, on what and for what you are tiling

Adhesive Products

Standard Setaflex Flexible Adhesive Factsheet

Standard setaflex is a flexible adhesive with standard sertting time (note standard set is a different product)

Standard Set Flexible Adhesive Factsheet

Standard set is a non rapid set adhesive for floor and wall tiles.

Rapid Set Adhesive Factsheet

Rapid set adhesive is our fastest drying tile adhesive (between 2-3 hours)

Setaflex Flexible Adhesive Factsheet

A flexible rapid set, cement based adhesive.

Ultimate Adhesive Factsheet

Ultimate adhesive is a highly flexible rapid setting adhesive.

Primeplus - Priming and Bonding Agent Technical Data

Primeplus - Priming and Bonding Agent

Primeplus - Health and Safety Data Sheet

Primeplus - Health and Safety Data Sheet

PVA General Purpose Tile Sealer - Technical Data

PVA General Purpose Tile Sealer

PVA General Purpose Tile Sealer - Health and Safety Advice

PVA General Purpose Tile Sealer - Health and Safety Advice Sheet

Grouting Products

FlexiGrout Flexible Grout Factsheet

Flexible grout for wide joints on floor and wall surfaces.

Wall Grout Factsheet

Information on our standard wall grout.

Wide Joint Wall & Floor Grout Factsheet

Wide joint grout for tiling walls and floors.

Grout3000 Wall & Floor Grout Factsheet

Highly versatile wall and floor grout.

Grout3000 Wall Grout Colour Chart

Colour chart for use with Grout 3000.

FlexiGrout Colour Chart

Colour chart for use with FlexiGrout

Silicone 3000

Silicone 3000

Leveller Products

Waterproofing Tanking System Factsheet

For waterproofing showers, wet rooms and tiled areas.

Leveller Levelling Compound Factsheet

Information on the self-levelling compound from tilemaster

Flexmaster Additive & Primer Factsheet

Additive and primer that adds flexibility and water resistance to other products.

LevelFlex factsheet

Information on the flexible self-levelling compound from tilemaster
Please don't hesitate to get in touch with the Direct Tile Warehouse customer help team about any tile enquiry
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