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Grey Bathroom Tiles

Choose from the best grey bathroom tiles. Glossy grey bathroom floor tiles look stylishly beautiful but you may wish to explore anti slip options to help avoid slips. Order your free samples today.
Navia Grey Shiny Floor Tiles

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Grey Bathroom Tiles

Everything. The well-known secret behind the continuous popularity of grey tiles is their versatile nature. Both sophisticated and edgy, they are a great match for a range of interior styles. Grey tiles go with virtually any style and colour furniture. You can use them to tone down more vibrant colours in your decor, or bring them to the forefront as a design feature of their own.

Large format grey tiles such as the Cement range are especially good as a neutral base on which to build the look of your rooms with accessories. Perfect as a blank canvas for experimenting with colour schemes, the Cement grey tiles will completely transform their look depending on whether you pair them with vibrant tones (like citrus or pillar-box red) or soft, natural warm hues.

For attention grabbing interior, mix with bold boho chic colours like teals and mustards, along with a large rugs. For a softer autumn look, combine the dependable grey tiles with earthy green tones and tan-coloured furniture. Complement with soft faux furs and velvets to create a juxtaposition to the hard lines of the industrial theme.

If you are going for a monochrome colour scheme, the minimalistic Cemento grey tiles are the range for you. You can create a clean, functional look by simply adding black and white accessories or wall coverings. The style works great for any room in the home, including your study.

What colour grout you decide to use with your grey tiles can entirely change the look of your space. Combining grey tiles with grey grout will create a uniform look and make the room appear bigger by creating the impression of tile edges flowing into one another.

Grey tiles with white grout will have the exact opposite effect – it will disrupt the flow and make the shape of the individual tiles pop out. Opt for this mix if you want to emphasise the pattern of your tiling (e.g. metro tiles or herringbone).

Grey tiles with black grout are another stylish blend that will turn your tiles into a design feature. This is a great choice if you are going for a monochrome or industrial look, and black grout also has the added benefit of staying clean for longer.

One clever way to use grout as part of your interior design without all the installation work involved in laying small tiles is opting for a range that features faux grout lines. Grey tile ranges such as the Boulevard Grey and Beige Patterned Floor Tiles create the effect of four small tiles, all in a medium-sized tile.

Our favourite grey bathroom tiles

Concrete style grey tiles are a very popular choice for creating a uniform floor to ceiling look in your bathroom. Ranges such as our Domus grey tiles offer matching floor and wall tiles, as well as a feature tile to use in areas such as shower enclosures to create a focal point. Depth and texture are particularly popular feature wall looks, so the Domus textured ripple effect wall tile will be a trendy addition to your bathroom décor.

Small grey metro tiles, like the Modena Mix Metro Tile, are perfect for less spacious bathrooms where large tiles may look out of place. Play up the small tile aesthetic to create a unique visual effect. The Aria metro grey tiles, for example, are a great twist on the classic white metro tiles often seen in bathroom design.