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Lime Green Tiles

If you’re desperate to add a dash of bold colour and character to your interior this year but aren’t quite sure what to go for, then why not consider using lime green tiles? These sharp and boisterous ceramics have the power to bolster any space with their vibrant appearance, creating both light and energy. Here, we take a look at three of the hottest options currently on the market from Direct Tile Warehouse… 

Lagos lime green mosaic tiles


Lagos lime green mosaic tiles

These sparkling, shimmering tiles in the Lagos range are the perfect example of innovative lime green mosaic tiles. Not only do they make use of mosaic sheets interspersed with reflective moments of glass and mirror, but the colour scheme on top also varies and oscillates between forest green, lemon yellow and lime green throughout, making for one interesting and eye-catching design. Consider using then as part of a kitchen backsplash or to complete a bathroom interior for added effect.


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