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Split Face Tiles

Split face wall tiles are beautifully textured tiles for creating stunning feature walls. Choose from porcelain tiles and they can be used to transform external walls as well
Split Face Tiles

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Split face tiles

Split face tiles are an excellent way to add texture, colour, and visual interest to your home. Split face tiles never go out of style because texture is such a prominent home design trend.

Indoors, they stand out well against plain paint or tiles and add a stylish touch to any environment. Use them as a backsplash in the kitchen, to frame a fireplace, or to create a stunning feature wall.

Split face tiles work well in both indoor and outdoor settings. Split face tiles will bring the wow factor to a drab garden wall, making it perfect for alfresco parties and relaxation.

Timotina’s beautiful split face wall really livens up her garden. She says:

“Direct Tile Warehouse came with amazing service, sending free samples to us through the post. I had some more options but when I saw the Ordino beige split face tiles my mind was made up straight away that they would help create the perfect garden feature wall we were after. ”

Garden Makeovers - Ordino



Sealant and grout for split face tiles

Split face natural stone tiles do not need to be grouted, but they do need to be sealed. To make porcelain or ceramic split face effect tiles watertight, they must be grouted with a width of at least 2mm. Fortunately, there are companies like Grout 3000 that have a large range of colours to select from, so you’ll be able to find one that works well with them. These tiles come sealed from the factory and require no maintenance other than cleaning as needed.

For cut samples of our split face tiles, please contact the Direct Tile Warehouse team who will be pleased to help.