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White Grout

Choose from a selection of white grouts for use on walls and floors. If you have any questions please contact the Direct Tile Warehouse team.
Alpha Matt White Porcelain Tiles

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White grout

Which tiles to use with white grout?

The grout colour you choose for your tiles has the potential to radically change the look of your space. White tiles with white grout will give a uniform look and make the room appear larger by creating the illusion of tile edges flowing into one another.

Darker tiles with white grout have the reverse effect, causing the flow to be disrupted and the individual tile shapes to stand out. If you want to draw attention to your tiling design, choose this combination. This style also works particularly well with herringbone tile patterns.

Black tiles with white grout will help you achieve a fabulous monochrome aesthetic.

How to prevent white grout from discolouring

  1. Allow the adhesive to set completely before applying grout.
  2. Excess moisture can affect the grout colour and strength, so don’t add too much to the mix.
  3. Fill each grout line completely and evenly.

Regularly cleaning your tiles and white grout will help prevent any dirt and mildew from building up.

If you don’t want to invest in a dedicated grout cleaner, you can make a paste out of one part water and two parts baking soda. Apply it to the stained grout, leave it overnight, then scrub it off the next day.

Grout pens will perk up your white grout but bear in mind that they are not a permanent solution and you’ll need to reapply.

If the dirt won’t shift, there is always the option to regrout completely!


If white isn’t right, then why not browse through our range of other grout colours? We stock a variety of shades from light creams to gorgeous greys and black.

Please see the table below for a guide to how much coverage you will get from a 5kg bag of grout..

 Tile size  3mm joint width  5mm joint width  10mm joint width
 Mosaic 24 x 24 x 10  1.2m2  0.8m2  0.4m2
 150 x 150 x 8  10m2  6m2  3m2
 300 x 300 x 10  16m2  10m2  5m2
 600 x 600 x 10  30m2  20m2  10m2

Certain types of tile and tile trim may be prone to scratching and surface discolouration with the use of fine joint grouts. Therefore, we strongly advise testing the grout on a spare tile before grouting the tiled area. Where necessary, apply a protective treatment to the surface of the tiles to ensure that the grout cannot penetrate the porous surface of the tile.

Please ask the Direct Tile Warehouse team for tiling advice on choosing the right grout for different environments and applications.