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White Tiles

A wonderful range of patterned and plain white tiles. Choose from large white tiles to the ever popular metro white tiles. Order your free samples today.
Nilo Marble Calacatta Porcelain Tile

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White Tiles

Samples of white tiles

If you need samples or advice with creating your perfect white tiled bathroom or kitchen the Direct Tile Warehouse team will be pleased to help.
Plain white tiles

White is the perfect colour to go with any tile colour. It can be used to set a clean and fresh tone for bright colours or to stand out against a dark background. White is a classic colour that complements any style or colour of furniture. It’s stylish and cheery.

Grout for white tiles

Grout should always be considered when choosing tiles since it has the potential to completely change the look of your space. White tiles have the advantage of being able to be utilised with any sort of grout.

To create a uniform design and make your space appear larger, choose white tiles with white grout. The tile edges will appear to blur together as a result of this.

Use white tiles with grey grout to break up the flow and call attention to the individual tile shape to create the opposite effect. This is a good alternative if you want to emphasise the pattern of your tiling (e.g. metro tiles or herringbone).

White tiles with black grout are a wonderful design feature if you’re striving for a monochrome or industrial look. Black grout is also a good option because it is more durable.

If your bathroom or kitchen is short on space, then why not consider white metro tiles? These smaller brick style tiles will give the illusion of more space without being too overbearing. Tile from floor to ceiling, half-height, or just in the areas where you need tiles.

Find out how customer Shelly went from concrete to chic with her stunning marble effect kitchen. Your choice of flooring can make all the difference to your home, and we were extra impressed that she wouldn’t settle for anything less in her Roseberry new build. Absolutely stunning!

Marble Effect Kitchen Roseberry Persimmon Homes

Samples of white tiles

We want you to be happy with your tiles so please order some free tile samples to test out the colour and texture in different lights.