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Grey Kitchen Tiles

Grey kitchen tiles are a versatile choice for any kitchen design. Our collection of grey kitchen tiles for walls and floors offer a great choice whatever your dream kitchen style. Order your free samples today.

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Grey kitchen tiles

Everything! The versatility of grey tiles is the well-known secret of their continued popularity. Both sophisticated and edgy, they are a great match for a range of interior styles. Grey tiles fit with almost any type of furniture and colour scheme. You can use them to tone down more vibrant colours in your decor, or you can use them as a stand-alone design element.

Mix in strong boho-chic colours like teals and mustards, for an eye-catching look. Combine the grey tiles with earthy green tones and tan-coloured furniture for a softer Autumnal effect. To give a contrast to the rough edges of the industrial concept, you can add soft faux furs and velvets.

Our gorgeous Fred range is a great neutral foundation that you can develop with accessories. This range consists of a floor tile with a coordinating plain or decor tile in a gorgeous grey.

Grout for grey bathroom tiles

The grout colour you choose for your grey tiles can completely transform the aesthetic of your room. By generating the illusion of tile edges flowing into one another, grey tiles with grey grout will produce a uniform look and make the room appear larger.

Grey tiles with white grout will have the reverse effect, causing the flow to be disrupted and the individual tile shapes to stand out. If you want to emphasise the pattern of your tiling, choose this combination (e.g. metro tiles or herringbone).

Another beautiful combination that will transform your tiles into a design standout is grey tiles with black grout. Black grout is a great choice for a monochrome or industrial style, and it also has the advantage of staying cleaner for longer.

Choosing a range with simulated grout lines is a brilliant way to include grout into your interior design without all of the installation labour that comes with installing little tiles. Boulevard Grey and Beige Patterned Floor Tiles, for example, give the impression of four smaller tiles in a medium-sized tile.

Grey patterned tiles are a wonderful idea to bring character into your kitchen. You can use just a small section as a splashback or extend the look to the floor as well. Our Manises range is an excellent choice in soft greys and a large format size for fewer grout lines.

Small grey metro tiles, such as our Artisan range, are ideal for smaller kitchens where huge tiles would be too overwhelming. To create a unique visual impression, play up the little tile style. The Avila metro grey tiles, for example, are a perfect alternative to the traditional white metro tiles that are commonly used in kitchen decor.

Grey kitchen tiles – samples

If you need samples or advice with creating your perfect grey tiled kitchen or bathroom the Direct Tile Warehouse team will be pleased to help.

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