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Black Tiles

Beautiful black tiles to suit all tastes. If you’re looking for floor tiles how about stylish black sparkle floor tile or patterned black and white floor tiles?
Cemento Porcelain Matt Black Floor Tiles

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Black Tiles

With black tiles, any colour of tile will look fantastic. They can be used to attract emphasis to a particular location or to create a dark background against bright colours.

Black is opulent and elegant, and it serves as a backdrop for other colours, textures, and materials to pop.

Black and white furniture or wall coverings, on the other hand, may give your space a monotone feel. This is especially effective in bathrooms, where the dark colour will bring in the walls to create a more sanctuary-like atmosphere.

Grout for black tiles

Grout should always be considered when choosing tiles because it has the power to drastically alter the aesthetic of your space. Black bathroom tiles may be utilised with any sort of grout due to their adaptability.

To create a uniform design and make your space appear larger, use black tiles with black grout. The tile borders will appear to mix together as a result. Black grout is also more practical because it requires less upkeep, which is always a plus.

Use black tiles with white grout to create the opposite effect, breaking up the flow and drawing attention to the individual tile shape. This is a fantastic alternative if you want to emphasise the pattern of your tiling (e.g. metro tiles or herringbone).

Black tiles with white grout are a terrific alternative if you want a monochrome or industrial look.

Our Cromatic range features a classic plain black floor tile – perfect for a dramatic entrance, cool kitchen or a cosy bathroom.

For stylish walls, try our Opal range of hexagon tiles in plain and deco designs.

For exteriors, our Borgognasoft tiles have a gorgeous stone effect finish and come in modular packs so you can create your own design.

Samples of black tiles

If you need samples or advice with creating your perfect black tiled bathroom or kitchen the Direct Tile Warehouse team will be pleased to help.