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Black Wall Tiles

Stylish black wall tiles perfect as black kitchen tiles or for beautifully styled black bathrooms. Please contact Direct Tile Warehouse for tiling advice and free tile samples.

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Black Wall Tiles

Any colour of tile will look good with black tiles. You can use them to draw attention to a specific area or to create a black background against bright colours.

Black is opulent and elegant, and it acts as a canvas against which other colours, textures, and materials can shine.

Alternatively, black and white items or wall coverings might give a bit of monochrome to your area. This works particularly well in restrooms, where the walls are drawn in somewhat to create a more sanctuary-like atmosphere.

Grout for black wall tiles

Grout should always be taken into account when selecting tiles, since it has the ability to dramatically transform the appearance of your area. The versatility of black bathroom tiles allows them to be used with any type of grout.

Use black tiles with black grout to create a unified look and make your area appear larger. As a result, the tile borders will appear to blend together. It’s also practical because black grout requires less maintenance, which is always a bonus.

To produce the opposite effect, use black tiles with white grout to break up the flow and draw attention to the individual tile shape. If you want to emphasise the pattern of your tiling, this is a wonderful option (e.g. metro tiles or herringbone).

If you’re going for a monotone or industrial aesthetic, black tiles with white grout are a great choice.

Marble Effect Black Bathroom Tiles

In our Buckingham range, you can choose from complementing floor, wall, and décor tiles. This gorgeous marble impression tile series is perfect for a well-coordinated bathroom.

Samples of black wall tiles

If you need samples or advice with creating your perfect black tiled bathroom or kitchen the Direct Tile Warehouse team will be pleased to help.