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Small Floor Tiles

Small floor tiles are perfect for creating a traditional look and beautiful floor tile patterns. For free tile samples please contact the Direct Tile Warehouse team.
Small Floor Tiles

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Small Floor Tiles

Small ceramic tiles, such as metro tiles, can lend lots of interest to a space or depth. Smaller tiles are ideal for homeowners that want something a little different from the ordinary in terms of style.

Smaller tiles can be mixed freely with different designs to create unique patterns. If a complex design is too much for you in a tiny space, add some plain ceramic tiles or use a symmetrical tile plan. The possibilities with smaller tiles are, to put it mildly, limitless. They’re also excellent for concealing curvature and flaws.

Small ceramic tiles have the following advantages:

  • Installation waste is kept to a minimum.
  • Colours and patterns can simply be mixed and matched.
  • Easy to transport

The magnificent grey and blue tones of our gorgeous Olympia range will add sophisticated charm to your decor. Why not design a majestic entrance hall, a lovely Victorian-style kitchen, or a wonderful Victorian-style bathroom? Our Olympia Victorian style tiles are manufactured of high-quality ceramic and have a handy anti-slip coating. They may be used on floors and walls around the home.

Olympia Blue Victorian Tiles

For a lovely monochrome look, try our Serenity range of small floor tiles. Available in black and white, they are made from quality porcelain and are also perfect for walls as well as floors. They can be used on their own to create a modern monochrome style or if you prefer co-ordinate with the Tulip decorative tiles for a Victorian style design.

Grout for small floor tiles

Grout colour is significant since it has the ability to drastically alter the look of your area. Match your grout colour to your small floor tiles for a consistent look. As a result, the boundaries merge, giving the impression of a larger space.

Use a contrasting colour to make each tile stand out. It’s entirely your decision!

Samples of small floor tiles

Small floor tiles come in a range of styles, finishes, and designs. A wide range of high-quality porcelain big floor tiles are available. For assistance, please contact the Direct Tile Warehouse staff. Simply add free small floor tile samples to your shopping basket.