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Curve Edge Tiles

Add a touch of magic to your designs with our beautifully shaped decorative tiles. These unusual shaped tiles will add movement and life as well as that extra wow factor.

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Curve Edge Tiles

If straight edges are not your thing, then why not opt for some glorious curve edge tiles? Many of the designs are actually one larger tile made up of smaller pieces, making them easier and quicker to tile with.

There is a wide range of designs and colours to choose from.

Our Scale range are beautiful scallop shaped tiles that will add interest to any room indoors or outside. These attractive decorative wall tiles come in a range of colours and exhibit a wonderful flow and movement. Made from quality porcelain they can be used as decorative wall or floor tiles

Scale Garden Green Scallop Shape Tiles

Grout for curve edge tiles

Remember to consider the grout when selecting medium wall tiles. The colour you choose for your project can make a big difference in how it looks. Use a contrasting colour to make the individual tiles stand out, or use a similar colour to create a seamless impression.

Curve edge tiles – try before you buy

We want you to be completely satisfied with your tiles, so you can add up to four free samples to your cart. Then you may experiment with the tiles in various lighting and at various times of the day to see how they will look.