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Bathroom Tiles

A great choice of bathroom tiles from traditional Victorian bathroom tiles to the latest modern large bathrooms tiles and useful anti slip designs. Order your free samples today.
Pienza Porcelain Gloss Grey Marble Floor Tiles

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Bathroom Tiles

The size of your bathroom tiles depends on the visual effect you want to achieve, rather than the size of your bathroom. Choosing smaller tiles will result in more grout lines visually breaking up the space – an attractive aesthetic touch, especially if you opt for a grout colour which contrasts with the tiles.

Large format tiles, on the other hand, are a fantastic choice for creating a smoother flow and visually expanding the space. You can experiment by mixing and matching these with mosaics or patterned tiles to create feature walls in focal areas such the shower and the sink.

The first step to tiling a small bathroom is choosing light colours to make it look more spacious. Mix white bathroom tiles with other soft tones such as light grey or beige to maintain the brightness, or stick to white all-over.

Using tiles with a reflective finish such as gloss is another great way to magnify the light entering the bathroom. Tile patterns like diagonal or brick bond are also great at making your bathroom appear larger than it is.

Upscaling the look of your bathroom and infusing it with personality is an easy task with our wide range of tiles. The makeover possibilities are endless, from the bathroom tile material you opt for to the finish, colour and pattern.

How to choose tiles for bathroom floor?

Large format bathroom tiles are a great choice for floors. The bigger size will give your bathroom a contemporary look with smooth edges and fewer grout lines. Consider marble effect tiles for an added touch of luxury, or think outside the box and cover your bathroom floor with patterned tiles.

How to choose bathroom tiles for walls?

Gloss coloured wall tiles are the way forward if you want to give your bathroom a fresh look. Perfectly suited for both modern and traditional designs, block colour bathroom wall tiles combine well with both patterned floor tiles and more subtle wood effect or plain ones.

Bathroom tiles for shower enclosures

Your shower area is where you can really go all out and create a statement wall. Add drama to your bathroom by making your shower enclosure the only area with mosaic or patterned bathroom tiles. You can also go for a rustic look with stone effect tiles.

In fact, many of our ranges include a feature tile which you can use behind your shower to break up the look of the space while maintaining a uniform style.

An all-time favourite, mosaic tiles are now available in a variety of colours, designs, sizes and textures. From the classic dainty squares to rectangles, hexagons and circles, the sky is your limit when choosing the shape for your bathroom mosaics.

You can use mosaic tiles across your entire shower or bath area to create a spa-like vibe, or focus on arranging them into an eye-catching splashback design. In addition to splashbacks and feature walls, mosaics are also perfect for border designs – try arranging them around the edge of your bathroom floor, or alongside the top of your bath.

The versatility of mosaic tiles means you can also use them to define the different areas of your bathrooms. When it comes to zoning with mosaic tiles, you can really let your imagination roam!

Thanks to being simultaneously edgy and sophisticated, grey tiles are another popular choice when it comes to tiling a bathroom. Whatever the overall design of your bathroom, you are guaranteed to find a grey bathroom tile that fits right in!

From the super slick small grey metro tiles, like large format grey tiles such as the Cemento Floor Tiles in Anthracite Grey which are perfect for contemporary industrial style, the options are numerous.

You can also opt for patterned grey bathroom tiles which incorporate faux grout lines to create the effect of small tiles whilst reducing the installation work. Ranges such as the Boulevard Grey and Beige Patterned Floor Tiles are especially popular for this particular look.

Grey bathroom tiles are also the type of tile which looks stunning in both matt and gloss. The finish of an anti slip matt floor tiles provides extra grip, making it perfect for slippery bathroom surfaces. Matt grey bathroom tiles, such as our Architonic Grey Porcelain Floor Tiles, are perfect for creating a rustic look, and combine handsomely in texture with stone effect tiles.

Gloss grey tiles, on the other hand, are great for creating a luxurious look and will make your bathroom look bigger as they reflect the light beautifully. Gloss ranges are perfect for bathroom wall tiles as they are be very easy to wipe clean.

Cleaning your bathroom tiles is actually a lot simpler than you may think. All you need is a toothbrush, a soft sponge and a mix of baking soda and vinegar. Start by running a hot shower to open up the pores of the ceramic tiles, so you have better access to any dirt that might be lodged into the material.

Use the vinegar and baking soda mix to get the grime out by attacking the grout with the toothbrush and gently wiping the tiles with the sponge to revive their sparkle. If you are dealing with mould or tough stains, try one of our special mould remover or cleaning products.

Metro tiles are one of the most popular bathroom tile styles. Incredibly versatile, they come in a range of colours and can be arranged in different patterns to create a unique look. You can choose between classic white, black or accent colours such as teal or red.

Metro bathroom tiles are also perfect for experimenting with grout colours. Contrast the colour of the grout to the tiles for a trendy look, or match the two and draw the focus other aspects of your bathroom, such as curtains and towels.