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Bathroom Wall Tiles

Bathroom wall tiles ranging from large bathroom tiles for a contemporary design, traditional white bathroom tiles for a pristine finish or mosaic wall tiles for style and glamour.
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Bathroom wall tiles

Bathroom wall tiles

With our large selection of tiles, upgrading the look of your bathroom and injecting it with individuality is simple. From the bathroom tile material you choose to the finish, colour, and pattern, the possibilities are unlimited.

How do you choose bathroom wall tiles?

If you want to give your bathroom a new look, glossy coloured bathroom wall tiles are the way to go. Block colour bathroom wall tiles go well with both patterned and more subtle wood effect or plain floor tiles, making them ideal for both modern and traditional designs.

Bathroom wall tiles for shower enclosures

Your shower is the perfect place to go all out and make a statement wall. Make your shower enclosure the only location in your bathroom with mosaic or patterned bathroom tiles to add drama. Stone effect tiles can also be used to create a rustic aesthetic.

Indeed, many of our collections offer a feature tile that you can place behind your shower to break up the view while maintaining a consistent style.

Bathroom wall tiles – mosaic

Mosaic tiles, a perennial favourite, are now available in a wide range of colours, styles, sizes, and textures. When it comes to picking the shape for your bathroom mosaics, the sky is the limit. From classic delicate squares to rectangles, hexagons, and circles, the possibilities are endless.

You can use mosaic tiles to create a spa-like atmosphere throughout your shower or bath, or focus on arranging them into an eye-catching splashback pattern. Mosaics are ideal for border designs, as well as splashbacks and feature walls; consider placing them around the edge of your bathroom floor or alongside the top of your bath.

The adaptability of mosaic tiles allows you to utilise them to separate different regions of your bathroom. When it comes to zoning with mosaic tiles, your imagination is truly limitless!

How to clean bathroom tiles

Cleaning the tiles in your bathroom is actually a lot easier than you might imagine. A toothbrush, a soft sponge, and a mixture of baking soda and vinegar are all you’ll need. Start by taking a hot shower to open up the pores of the ceramic tiles, allowing you to more easily remove any filth that has become caught in the material.

To remove any grime, use the vinegar and baking soda mixture to attack the grout with the toothbrush and gently wipe the tiles with the sponge to restore their lustre. Try mould removers or cleaning products if you’re struggling with mould or difficult stains.

Bathroom wall tiles – free samples

To give you the chance to try before you buy, we offer free samples of all our tiles. Simply add up to four free samples to your basket and we’ll send them out in the post. Remember to look at your tiles under natural and artificial light and at different times of the day!