Selecting your tiles can be a tricky task, and it’s one of our most frequently asked questions here at Direct Tile Warehouse. Our guide to choosing ceramic and porcelain tiles is here to help. , and we’re always happy to help. We’ll show you how easy it is with the help of a measuring tape and our trust tile calculator.

Whether you’re looking for wall or floor tiles, in modern or traditional designs, for using inside or out, you’ve come to the right place. Now comes the fun part – selecting your tiles! There are a few things to consider, which we’ll cover in the steps below.

Selecting your tiles

  • Double-check with your tiler that the size and style of the tiles are suitable for your project.
  • Order some free samples from our website, it’s a great way to try before you buy. View the samples at different times of the day and in different lights.
  • Consider the layout or pattern for your tiles (vertical, horizontal, herringbone, etc).
  • Think which colour grout to use – will you opt for subtle or contrasting?

How to order

Visit or call your local Cardiff or Swansea showroom, or buy online at

How many tiles to order

Use our handy calculator on the website as a guide. We recommend adding an extra 10-15% to cover wastage and accidental damage. If you’re unsure ask your tiler or the Direct Tile Warehouse team. For more information, see our handy guide.

Our Top Tile Tip

Make sure your tiles have arrived before you book your tiler!


Selecting your tiles – Tile Materials

The material your tiles are made from can make all the difference. Manmade tiles are a great budget-friendly choice, or you might opt for the uniqueness of real stone. And do you want a gloss or matt finish? We’ll show you the different tile materials available.

Glazed Tiles

Glazed tiles are the obvious choice for walls in bathrooms, kitchens and laundry areas. Glazed tiles are attractive on conservatory floors and in reception rooms but may not be suitable for potentially wet or outdoor use or heavy traffic floor areas.

Lavica Grey Floor Tiles

Lavica Grey Floor Tiles

Unglazed Tiles

Generally used in domestic and industrial installations and are available with a slip resistant surface profile for floor tiling in wet areas. They are usually wear, stain and frost resistant; making them ideal for laundry and utility rooms, bathrooms, playrooms and garages.

Selecting your tiles - Dotti unglazed tiles

Selecting your tiles

Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles have been used since ancient times; they are hardwearing, easy to clean, water-resistant, hygienic and very attractive. They are available in a wide range of colours and sizes and can be used on the floor or on walls.

There are several different types of tile available and they vary in their technical properties. Ceramic tiles sold in the United Kingdom should conform to the British Standard for ceramic tiles BS EN 14411.

It is important that you select the correct tile for your situation. Please ask one of the Ceramiks team for friendly, professional advice with choosing the correct tile for your project.

Selecting your Tiles - Adine Ceramic

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are extremely attractive and very hardwearing tiles that have extremely low water absorbency. Available as wall or floor tiles, sometimes glazed often with good anti-slip properties, they can be used internally and, providing they are slip resistant, externally. These tiles are suitable for domestic and commercial use.

Selecting your tiles - Tecnik porcelain tiles

Quarry Tiles

Made from natural clay, some are frost resistant and they may be used for floors internally and externally. Their natural clay surface usually provides good slip resistance and they are extremely hard wearing.

Selecting your tiles - Italian quarry tiles

Terracotta tiles

These are made from natural clay and vary in water absorbency but generally they are used for flooring and are unsuitable for exterior use, as they are not frost resistant. Most terracotta tiles need surface sealing before and after installation.

Selecting your tiles - terracotta tiles

Mosaic Tiles

Small pieces of ceramic, natural stone or glass usually sold in sheets on a mesh backing or paper facing for ease of fixing.

Selecting your tiles - mosaic tiles

Natural Stone Tiles

Natural stone tiles include limestone, marble, granite, slate, travertine quartzite and sandstone. Whilst some natural stone tiles are extremely hard wearing the performance of these materials does vary and you should seek guidance from the Direct Tile Warehouse team on their suitability for your project.

Some natural tiles may require the use of adhesives and grouts specifically designed for the installation of natural stone tiles.

Natural tiles should be sealed before grouting. Direct Tile Warehouse can advise on suitable sealants and maintenance products.

Selecting your tiles - natural stone tiles

We hope you’ve found our guide to selecting your tiles useful. If you need any further help, please contact a member of our friendly team, we’ll be happy to assist.