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Bathroom Floor Tiles

View wonderful bathroom floor tiles. Choose from anti slip tiles, the latest large bathroom floor tiles, classic white styles or gorgeous patterned Victorian designs.
bathroom floor tiles

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Bathroom Floor Tiles

Slate, marble, stone and wood effect tiles are very popular at the moment for both rustic or contemporary designs.

Improvements in printing techniques means they are incredibly authentic-looking, they come in an extensive range of colours and sizes, they are durable, offer great value and are often much easier to use than the real thing.

Neutral shades, white and especially grey tiles continue to be in high demand for bathroom floor tiles.

There has also been a growing interest in pattern floor tiles for bathrooms and ranges such as Nikea and Boulevard floor tiles are proving to be a hit.


Bathroom floor tiles

With our large selection of tiles, upgrading the look of your bathroom and injecting it with individuality is simple. From the bathroom tile material you choose to the finish, colour, and pattern, the possibilities are unlimited.

How do you choose bathroom floor tiles?

For floors, large size bathroom tiles are a terrific option. With smooth corners and fewer grout lines, the larger size will give your bathroom a contemporary appeal. Consider marble effect tiles for a luxurious touch, or go bold and use patterned tiles to cover your bathroom floor.

Gloss Bathroom Floor Tiles

Gloss floor tiles look amazing but if you have children or are worried about slipping on wet floor tiles you may wish to consider anti slip tiles.

Grout for bathroom floor tiles

Grout colour is important since it can dramatically change the look of your room. To create a uniform aesthetic, match your grout colour to your tiles. This will allow the borders to flow into one another, making the room appear larger.

Alternatively, use a contrasting colour to draw attention to each tile. It’s entirely up to you!

Samples of bathroom floor tiles

See a beautiful selection of floor tiles in a variety of designs, finishes, and styles. Choose from a variety of high-quality ceramic and porcelain bathroom floor tiles. To order your free tile samples, please contact the Direct Tile Warehouse team.