| Date: 19.03.2019

To celebrate the Great British Spring Clean, we’ve put together 20 ideas for recycling tiles. We want to encourage as many people as possible to have a go at upcycling unwanted tiles (or brand new tiles if something catches your eye). To give you some inspiration, we’ve shared some of our favourite DIY projects from our Pinterest ‘Ideas for recycling tiles’ board.

The humble tile. Creator of beautiful feature walls, glossy floors and dream patios. But what happens when the grout dries and you have leftovers and remnants? We recommend keeping a few spare tiles in case you need to replace them in the future, but any surplus can be recycled and remodelled into a fantastic ceramic household item, office accessory, or work of art.

Why are ceramic tiles great for craft?

  • They are sturdy and have a smooth surface
  • There is a variety of sizes and patterns available
  • Sparkly mosaics, bright coloured metros, shabby chic wood effect tiles – the designs are limitless

How to tile your projects

Here are our top tips that will help you to create these recycled wonders.

  • Try not to worry about perfection.
  • If you’re using mosaics or broken tiles, or can get creative with your design, then you might not need a tile cutter.
  • If you’re going to paint your tiles, clean them with acetone first.
  • Making a planter? A coat of sealant is great for the inside to keep it watertight.
  • Don’t forget to stick the tiles in place with adhesive.
  • Tile spacers will help you get an even pattern.
  • If you’re using grout, smear it on the tiles then wipe off the excess.
  • Leave it to dry!

20 ideas for recycling tiles

Mosaic tile upcycled mirror

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the best upcycler of all? This is a super simple project that will produce a stunning and unique look.

20 ideas for recycling tiles- Mirror

Fridge magnets from mosaic tiles

The most simple of our ideas for recycling tiles! Not only are these incredibly easy to make, they are also great to match with a coordinating backsplash or colour scheme. Simply glue on a magnet and you’ll be beautifully organise

20 ideas for recycling tiles- mosaic

Flowerpot made from tiles

You can pick up old plant pots at car boot sales or they’re fairly cheap to buy brand new. Tiles will stick better to crockery, terracotta or clay pots than plastic.

20 ideas for recycling tiles - flower pot

DIY tile napkin holders

Create a café feel with a ceramic napkin holder. This design uses just three tiles – a piece of felt, card or paper on the bottom will protect the surface you use it on.

20 ideas for recycling tiles - napkins

Cheeseboard made from a tile

Another of our easy ideas for recycling tiles. Simply take a single tile and add vinyl bumpers or felt on the bottom for a stunning way to serve cheese, cakes or canapes. Why not add handles for easy lifting?

20 ideas for recycling tiles - cheeseboard

Recycled tile bookends

The good thing about tiles is their sturdy weight – making them perfect for creating bookends. Stack them together or fix them onto wood and they’re ready to hold your reading material in place.

20 ideas for recycling tiles - bookends

Mosaic tile lamp

All you need to do is attach the mesh on the back of the mosaic sheet to the metal frame of the lamp and hey presto! Lovely lighting for any room.

20 ideas for recycling tiles - mosaic lamp

Birdhouse using discarded tiles

Tiles will help create a boutique boudoir for feathered friends. Use mosaics or offcuts to make a little birdhouse with some soul.

20 ideas for recycling tiles - birdhouse

Tabletop made with recycled tiles

Give an old table a new lease of life with some tiles. Go cosmopolitan café with metro tiles or a touch of opulence with mosaics.

20 ideas for recycling tiles - tabletop

Birdbath made from tiles

Make bathing beautiful for the visitors to your garden with a customised birdbath. Symmetry, abstract or create creatures and pictures with shards you’d otherwise discard.

20 ideas for recycling tiles - bird bath

Steps embellished with broken or unwanted tiles

Add a touch of glamour to your garden by using tiles on your steps. Tile the full step, edges or add a simple but effective line of detail.

20 ideas for recycling tiles - garden steps

Countertop made from recycled tiles

Boring bathroom? Spruce up your sink with recycled tiles in all shapes and sizes to create your own unique design.

20 ideas for recycling tiles - countertop

Making art with broken tiles

Let your imagination run wild with your leftover tiles to unleash your inner artist. Why not try a nautical design for the bathroom?

20 ideas for recycling tiles - lighthouse art

Garden feature made with recycled tiles

Recycle your tiles in the garden to make a walkway, an interesting feature, highlight a particular area or fill in the cracks!

20 ideas for recycling tiles - garden feature

DIY tile placemats using leftover tiles

Use one single tile, join a few together or mount some mosaics on a plain placemat – just add some felt or vinyl bumpers underneath and you’ve got a pretty place setting.

20 ideas for recycling tiles - placemat

Coasters made using upcycled tiles

Use small square tiles as coasters with felt or card underneath to protect the surface of your table. Leave them as they are, or add paint, wallpaper, fabric, magazine pages, photos or stickers. Another of our very easy ideas for recycling tiles.

20 ideas for recycling tiles - coasters

Tile place settings

It’s always great when your wedding place setting is also a gift! Simply wrap some paper around them and write on your guest’s name.

20 ideas for recycling tiles - place settings

Vase made with broken tiles or mosaics

Vase, utensil pot, pencil pot – the possibilities are endless! Charity shops and car boot sales are great for finding old homeware that you can customise with ceramic.

20 ideas for recycling tiles - vase

Beautiful bath upcycled with tiles

Jazz up your bathroom with a tiled bath, or add a splash of homemade delight to your garden and use it as a planter. This look will also work with a Belfast sink.

20 ideas for recycling tiles - bath

Chair made using recycled tiles

We’ve decided that our showrooms need tiled thrones like this! One of our jazzier ideas for recycling tiles. You could also try tiling the back or legs of an old chair for seating with style.

20 ideas for recycling tiles - mosaic chair

If these 20 ideas for recycling tiles have inspired you, we’d love to see your creations! Share your pictures on social media with the hashtag #directtilewarehouse or email them to [email protected]. Happy upcycling!

All images from Pinterest