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Tips on using Moroccan floor tiles to get your very own Moroccan style

Posted by Angela Coyle | Thursday, April 21, 2016

Tips on using Moroccan floor tiles to get your very own Moroccan style

If you’ve travelled to Morocco lately or have been inspired by Moroccan designs, then perhaps you’ve fallen in love with the traditional and elegant look of the historic Riad homes. Perhaps it was the peace and calm of those enclosed courtyards that did it, or the exquisite decoration on the Moroccan tiles used. Whatever it was, this list of 5 tips to help you mimic that North African elegance are sure to help out…

Use simple but elegant Moroccan floor tiles

Think about laying your floor tiles in a certain pattern to mimic the look of traditional riad courtyards and hallways. This can either be done with Moroccan mosaic-effect tiles or with larger scale tiles which can help create some really interesting spaces both inside and outside of the home.

Use water features outside

Water features are extremely common in the traditional homes of Morocco. They not only add the soothing sound of running water to an exterior space but also have a cooling effect that is really helpful when it’s hot. These water features would typically be tiled using Moorish style tiles or pretty Moroccan mosaics.

Use rich and bold colour schemes

Morocco was built by rich sultans and Arabic kings – and it shows! Rich and opulent colour schemes are everywhere in the interiors and exteriors of the country’s traditional riads. This same effect can either be achieved by using decorative Moroccan tiles, or by adding colourful furnishings done in deep shades of purple, pink, red and turquoise.

Get the furnishing right

Moroccan furnishings have a very distinct style. Many boast decorated add-ons, elaborate carvings and distinct metalwork. If you’re looking to nail the style, then it’s really important to get this right, so don’t be afraid of opting for that opulent chair or sofa, and don’t shy away from getting the eye-catching coffee table – the sultans wouldn’t have!

Use textiles, fabrics and colourful additions

One of the key design features is the flowing use of textiles and upholstery. This is used to add a dash of opulence and richness to sitting spaces, and was once a way for people to showcase their wealth. Choose cottons, silks and other fabrics and start layering them to achieve the same effect – and remember: the more colourful the better!


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