| Date: 25.04.2018

We’re celebrating 40 years of business here at DTW – that’s right, we were founded in 1978! So we’re looking back over some of the interior design trends we’ve loved over the years, including 70s inspired tiles.

Admittedly there are some trends from the ‘70s that we’d rather not repeat, but with some gentle updating, there’s still plenty of treasure to be found among the retro styles we used to love.

Wood panelling was all the craze back in the day. Perhaps we were influenced by a fusion of Scandinavian and Far Eastern traditional decor styles?

While we’re not advocating that you cover all of your walls in panels of synthetic knotty pine (typically paired with a garish linoleum floor – for which we beg forgiveness from the design gods), we can recommend some surprisingly realistic wood effect tiles from our range for your floors.

70s Inspired Tiles: Wood Effect

Just a few of the benefits of wood effect tiles:

  • They’re easier to clean and maintain than solid wood floor
  • Their detailed wood texture gives more anti-slip resistance than laminate flooring (plus we think it looks more realistic!)
  • They’re more cost-effective and long-lasting than wood flooring

A couple of points to note about wood effect tiles

  • First of all, check with your tiler they can work with long plank-style tiles before ordering
  • A few wood effect tile designs have variations between shades and tiles, so take this into consideration before choosing.
  • Decide which direction you want the tiles to go in. Vertical to elongate the room? Horizontal to make it cosier? Or how about a super stylish herringbone pattern.
70s Inspired Tiles - Freya Wood Effect

Shabby Chic Wood Effect Tiles

These Jungle Grey Rustic Wood Effect Tiles have stolen our hearts. The attention to detail in the grain really enhances the impact of the wood effect style, while the variations in tone are on-trend and are sure to make a welcome addition to any living space.

Natural Wood Effect Tiles

Our Fronda light wood effect floor tiles are a great example of 70s Inspired Tiles: Wood Effect. They are made of high-quality porcelain and have a lovely natural matt finish.

They resemble traditional wooden planks and have a high degree of colour and pattern variation between tiles, making them ideal for floor tiles in hallways, kitchens, and bathrooms where a natural, slightly distressed look is desired.

Fronda Grey Wood Effect Herringbone Tiles

Fronda Grey Wood Effect Herringbone Tiles

Stunning Silver Wood Effect Tiles

The Opera range includes 70s inspired tiles in this lovely silver grey wood effect. They have a gorgeous textured, relief effect, matt finish. These wood effect tiles are an attractive, practical option for wood effect flooring in kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways.

Made of hardwearing porcelain with an R10 anti-slip surface, they can also be used in commercial settings and outside.

70s inspired tiles - wood effect - Opera Tiles

Oak Wood Effect Tiles

Bricola Oak Wood Look Tiles have a lovely natural chic appearance with a lot of colour and pattern variation between tiles. These newly introduced tiles, made of high-quality porcelain and featuring an R9 anti-slip grip, are an excellent choice for bathroom or kitchen floor tiles, as well as high-traffic areas such as hallways and porches. You can also use these tiles on walls as well as floors to add movement to your room.

We hope you’ve been inspired by our 70s Inspired Tiles: Wood Effect examples. We have a huge range of wood effect tiles so why not take a look – and remember you can order free samples online so you never have to buy without being sure what you’re getting.

Or pop into one of our showrooms to have a look at the range for yourself.

70s Inspired: Groovy Tile Choices - Marrakech

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