| Date: 24.01.2023

Underrated and often shunned, beige has never had a good rap in the design world, but this neutral shade has been waiting patiently in the wings for its moment to shine. While greys and whites have been dominating homes and Instagram feeds, our beige bathroom ideas show you how beige is back with vengeance as the designer choice for 2023.

So what’s so great about beige this time around? First of all, there’s now a wide range of choice when it comes to shades of beige. Think dreamy caramel, light browns and creamy latte. And if you can’t bring yourself to stray completely from grey, then greige effortlessly blends your favourite colour with beige.

Bathroom Tile Ideas for 2021 - Boulevard

Boulevard Beige & Grey Patterned Tiles

Beige is something of a super shade in its versatility, as it works with pretty much every colour you can think of. Earthy tones? Combine it with green. Colour pop? Pair it with pink.

Beige also goes hand in hand with a wealth of materials and fabrics, from metals to woods, and stone to satin. When it comes to tiles, beige has invaded every category of design, from wood effect to super glamourous marble effect.

Neutral colours in interior design never go out of style, as they give you a soft base to play with that you can introduce accessories and feature walls against. But while white and grey look chic, beige exudes warmth, making spaces feel cosy and welcoming.

12 Best Selling Beige Bathroom Ideas – Benefits and Inspiration to Inspire you

Beige in a bathroom is anything but boring. It’s a classic neutral for a reason and can appear chic and modern or opulent and magnificent. Pair it with There are several, anything-but-boring ways to incorporate beige bathroom ideas.

Beige is obviously a great choice for bathroom tiles, but it also works well for accessories, soft furnishings and artwork too.

Beige Bathroom Ideas - Beige Bathroom Accessories

Beige Bathroom Ideas - Beige Bathroom Accessories

We’ve put together blissful beige bathroom tile ideas to help you see how beige can be beautiful in your home.


Beige Bathroom Ideas – Plain Tiles

The first of our beige bathroom ideas are plain beige bathroom tiles. These are a great choice providing a blank canvas for you to stamp your personality on with accessories and artwork. Plain beige tiles are available in a huge variety of tones and tints, and the warm shade will make your bathroom seem super cosy.

We recommend our Lavica sand floor tiles in an attractive neutral shade. They’re perfect for domestic and commercial bathrooms and are made from quality porcelain and have a handy R10 anti-slip finish.

Lavica Sand Tiles in a bathroom setting

Lavica Sand Tiles

Beige Bathroom Ideas – Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles are next on our list of beige bathroom ideas. They are perfect for adding interest to your bathroom, whether you’re looking to create a stunning shower enclosure, feature wall around a snazzy mirror, or you want to tile top to toe for a luxury spa effect.

Beige is a great choice for mosaic tiles, as the variation of shades will add a softness that still stands out.

Our Positano marble mosaic tiles are a lovely selection of unpolished natural beige, brown, and white mosaic tiles. They are ideal for borders, feature walls, and splashback and are available in a choice of sizes.

Positano Beige Polished Marble Mosaic Tiles in a bathroom setting

Positano Beige Polished Marble Mosaic Tiles

Beige Metro Tile Ideas

Metro tiles are adaptable ceramic wall tiles which were inspired by subway tiles. They are available in both traditional and modern looks and are a great choice for bathrooms. The variety of beige shades available means there is something to match every design theme.

Why not experiment with grout colours to either complement or contrast with your tiles, and don’t forget that there is a wide choice of laying patterns so you can take your bathroom in whichever direction you choose.

These lovely bevelled Mini Forest beige marble effect metro tiles are ideal for beige bathrooms. They are one of numerous small metro matt tiles and can be used alone or in combination with others from the range.

Mini Metro Tiles - Bevelled Forest

Mini Metro Tiles - Bevelled Forest

Beige Bathroom Tile Ideas – Wood Effect

Wood effect tiles are a great choice for any bathroom. Less expensive than traditional hardwood flooring, it’s an aesthetically pleasing, budget-friendly option. Thanks to advances in digital printing, the tiles look incredibly realistic and you can choose from colours and designs including oak, ash and shabby chic planks.

Wood effect tiles are extremely durable and easy to clean, making life a lot easier!

These gorgeous Bricola beech porcelain wood tiles are a fantastic option when it comes to beige bathroom ideas. They are stain and UV resistant and made from durable grade porcelain.

The R10 anti-slip coating on the Bricola range is perfect for preventing slips and they can be used with underfloor heating to prevent chilly toes on winter mornings.

Bricola Beech Porcelain Wood Tile

Beige Bathroom Ideas – Patterned Tiles

Adding pattern tiles to your space is a terrific choice if you’re tired of seeing the same old décor and want to breathe new life into a room. A feature wall or statement floor in a bathroom can be created using patterned tiles which can be used on both walls and floors.

If you’re looking for Victorian floor tiles, our Boulevard beige patterned floor tiles are a very popular option. The attractive design would make excellent hallway, bathroom or kitchen tiles.

Ideal as Victorian replica tiles, they are made from hardwearing ceramic and have a lovely matt finish and are available in 2 colour schemes.

Boulevard Grey and Beige Patterned Floor Tiles

Boulevard Grey and Beige Patterned Floor Tiles

Beige Marble Effect Tile Ideas

Glamourous, stylish and timeless, marble effect tiles are the perfect addition to any bathroom. Not only are they exceptionally durable and hardwearing, but unlike real marble, they are not porous, so they won’t discolour or get damaged with the use of chemical cleaners.

Our Leyte marble effect tiles mimic the grandeur of real marble with a realistic pattern variation between tiles. They are ideal for modern bathrooms due to their precision cut, rectified edges allowing for a seamless look with smaller grout lines. There are also available with grey or brown veins.

Leyte Porcelain Beige Marble Tiles – Rectified

Leyte Porcelain Beige Marble Tiles – Rectified

Beige Bathroom Ideas – Split Face Tiles

If you’re looking to create a beautiful feature wall or shower enclosure, why not consider split-face tiles? Rugged and characterful, these linear strips of stone are placed together to create the realistic look of stone, giving a textured finish that adds depth and dimension.

Split face tiles are a great alternative to real stone as they are low-cost and low-maintenance, as well as being hardwearing, durable and easy to clean. They work beautifully in bathrooms as they are waterproof and robust enough to cope with a damp environment.

Rocamadour split face tiles are made of high-quality, hard-wearing ceramic and are designed to mimic the texture and natural appearance of authentic stone.

Choose natural wood or slate effect tiles for a more rustic or Scandi design to create a striking feature wall in your bathroom, or pair them with plain modern tiles for a clean contemporary look.

Rocamadour Split Face Effect Tiles

Rocamadour Split Face Effect Tiles

Beige Terrazzo Tile Ideas

With coloured flecks and bags of character, Terrazzo tiles are real showstoppers. Terrazzo tiles are one of the hottest interior design trends at the moment, giving your bathroom the designer look with plenty of interest. Terrazzo tiles work great in bathrooms, not just on the floor but for backsplashes, countertops and as feature walls.

Our Doria Terrazzo tiles can be used on both walls and floors for an elegant, Italian-inspired design. These eye-catching tiles can be used on their own or teamed with other tiles such as the beige hexagon terrazzo tiles.

They are made from hardwearing quality porcelain with a sophisticated matt finish and have precision-cut rectified edges for narrow grout lines and a seamless look. They also have a useful R10 anti-slip surface, which is ideal for busy bathrooms.

Doria Beige Terrazzo Tiles – Rectified

Doria Beige Terrazzo Tiles – Rectified

Beige Bathroom Ideas – Stone Effect Tiles

If you love the look of real stone, why not try stone effect tiles? These sturdy tiles are durable and easy to look after, with realistic printing to perfectly mimic the look of real stone. Stone effect tiles are perfect for bathrooms to add a classic canvas to embellish with soft furnishings and accessories of your choice.

Stone effect tiles are available in a range of finishes and shades, so the choice is yours.

We recommend our contemporary Nasca beige tiles in a large modern format, that are ideal for adding the designer touch to borders, shower enclosures and feature walls in your bathroom.

Nasca Cream Large Modern Tiles

Nasca Cream Large Modern Tiles

Beige Textured Tile Ideas

Looking to add interest and movement to your bathroom? Last but by no means least on our list of beige bathroom ideas is textured tiles. These can either come in the form of wood effect tiles, or an outlined pattern to give a 3D effect to your space. Textured tiles are ideal for bathroom feature walls as they will add plenty of interest.

Our Nitid patterned tiles have a beautiful design that’s perfect for creating a stunning bathroom floor or a feature wall. They have a sophisticated matt finish and attractive design and are ideal for traditional or modern styles. They can be used on their own, framed with matching cream tiles or contrasted with wood effect tiles.


Nitid Cream Bathroom and Kitchen Wall Tiles

Nitid Cream Bathroom and Kitchen Wall Tiles

We hope that you’ve been inspired by our beige bathroom ideas! Why not browse our website to start planning a beautiful beige bathroom?