| Date: 28.03.2023

Our fabulous beige kitchen ideas will show you how beige is back with a bang for 2023. This neutral shade is highly underrated but it’s one of the most versatile and warming colours you can choose for your kitchen.

Beige is a very adaptable tone since it goes with just about any colour you can imagine. Nature tones? Mix in green. Want a pop of colour? Add some pink. A wide variety of textures and fabrics, including satin, metal, wood and stone also work well with beige.

12 Best Selling Beige Kitchen Ideas – Benefits and Inspiration to Inspire you

There’s also a huge choice of shades when it comes to beige kitchen ideas, including creamy caramels, soft light browns and indulgent lattes. If you’re struggling to tear yourself away from grey, why not plump for greige which is a lovely colour mashup that effortlessly combines grey and beige together.

If you’re thinking ahead, then beige is a great evergreen choice of shade. Neutral colours are always a good choice in interior design as they never go out of style. They also give you a wonderful starting point that you can introduce accessories to and feature walls against. Beige oozes comfort and sophistication, and makes your room feel warm and welcoming.

Beige in a kitchen is definitely not boring. This classic neutral gives a calming tone to this busy room and will look fantastic against both contemporary and traditional cupboards and worktops. Beige is naturally an ideal choice for kitchen tiles, but it also works well for accessories, artwork and soft furnishings which you can chop and change when you fancy.

Beige Kitchen Accessories

Beige has found its way into every type of tile design, from ultra-glamorous marble effect to earthy wood effect. Our beige kitchen tile ideas will help to convince you that beige is beautiful!

Beige Kitchen Ideas – Plain Tiles

For the first of our first beige kitchen ideas, we’d like to suggest plain beige kitchen tiles. These are a fantastic option because they offer you a blank canvas to express your style through accessories and artwork. The warm colour of plain beige tiles, which you can choose from in a vast selection of shades and tints, will make your kitchen feel quite inviting.

Our Domuse matt beige wall tiles are an ideal choice with their gorgeous mottled marble effect design and large modern format size. You can coordinate them with our Domuse Veniza 3D pattern to create a striking splashback that keeps to the theme but add some interest.

Domuse Matt Beige Wall Tiles

Domuse Matt Beige Wall Tiles

Beige Kitchen Ideas – Wood Effect Tiles

For any kitchen, wood-effect tiles are a fantastic option, giving you a more affordable alternative to traditional hardwood flooring and with the same pleasing aesthetic. The tiles look remarkably realistic thanks to advancements in digital printing, and you can select from a variety of colours and patterns, such as oak, ash, and shabby chic. The fact that wood appearance tiles are so robust and simple to maintain makes life so much easier!

Our Freya wood effect porcelain tiles have an enchanting realistic wood look without the hassle, maintenance and cost of real wood. With an R9 anti slip finish these tiles offer some grip and are an ideal choice for wood effect tiles in kitchens, open-plan family rooms and hallways.

Freya Porcelain Beige Wood Effect Tiles

Freya Porcelain Beige Wood Effect Tiles

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Beige Kitchen Ideas – Metro Tiles

Inspired by New York subway tiles, metro tiles are small ceramic wall tiles that give you oodles of flexibility. They are a fantastic option for beige kitchen ideas and come in both conventional and contemporary styles. There is a beige shade to match every design theme thanks to the range of hues available. Consider experimenting with grout colours to either contrast or complement your tiles, and remember that there are many different laying patterns available so you may design your kitchen anyway you like.

The Modena mix of beige brick tiles have a lovely marble effect design and are perfect for stylish kitchens. These matt brown and beige tiles come in a co-ordinating mix of three colours making it easy to create your own bespoke design.

Modena Mix of Beige Brick Style Tiles

Modena Mix of Beige Brick Style Tiles

Beige Kitchen Ideas – Hexagon Tiles

Hexagon tiles are the ultimate way to introduce character into your kitchen with six-sided chic! This geometric shape elevates your space and makes your room stand out from the crowd.

Hexagon tiles for kitchens come in all shapes and sizes, including these Sequoia tiles in a delicate honeycomb pattern. The lovely subtle tones of these natural looking wood effect tiles will look fantastic in large or small kitchens. Use a few tiles for a splashback or be bold and cover the whole wall! With a useful R11 anti slip finish you can also use them on the floor.

Beige Kitchen Ideas – Patterned Tiles

If you’re tired of the same old décor and want to give a space some new life, adding pattern tiles is one of our favourite beige kitchen ideas. Patterned tiles that can be used on walls and floors can be used to make a statement wall or floor in a kitchen.

The Boulevard beige patterned floor tiles are a popular choice if you’re seeking for Victorian floor tiles. These tiles would make excellent tiles for a kitchen with their lovely pattern in a matt finish.

Boulevard Beige Roomshot

Beige Kitchen Ideas – Marble Effect

Next in our list of beige kitchen ideas is marble effect. Timeless, stylish and glamourous, marble effect tiles are the perfect addition to any modern kitchen. These tiles are exceptionally durable and hardwearing, and unlike real marble they are not porous, so there’s no danger of them discolouring or being damaged by chemical cleaners.

Transform your kitchen with our opulent Pienza tiles in a modern 60 x 60 size. These sophisticated marble effect tiles feature colour and pattern variation between tiles to capture the beauty of marble without the maintenance and expense. With the benefit of precision cut straight edges allowing for narrow grout lines the tiles will create an illusion of space and are perfect for open plan areas

Pienza Avoiria Marble Effect Gloss Tiles

Beige Split Face Tile Ideas

Thinking of creating a beautiful kitchen splashback? Why not consider split face tiles. These linear strips of stone are placed together to create the realistic look of stone, giving a rugged and characterful finish that adds depth and dimension. Low-cost, low-maintenance, hardwearing, durable and easy to clean, split face tiles are a great alternative to real stone. As they are waterproof, split face tiles work beautifully in kitchens.

Our favourite beige split face tiles are these gorgeous Ordino tiles, but they also come in four other shades if you don’t fancy this tone.

Ordino Oyster Split Face Tiles

Ordino Oyster Split Face Tiles

Beige Terrazzo Tile Ideas

One of the biggest trends in interior design right now is terrazzo tiles, which will give your kitchen a stylish appearance with lots of appeal. Terrazzo tiles are fantastic show stoppers because they have colourful flecks and tonnes of personality. Kitchens are a terrific place for terrazzo tiles, not just on the floor but also for splashbacks, countertops, and feature walls.

Our Doria tiles with their flecks of colour will create a classy, Italian-inspired look. These striking tiles can be combined with other tiles or used alone on walls or floors. They have precision cut rectified edges for minimal grout lines and a seamless appearanceand offer a practical R10 anti-slip surface that is excellent for busy restrooms.

Doria White Hexagon Terrazzo Tile

Doria White Hexagon Terrazzo Tile

Beige Kitchen Ideas – Stone Effect Tiles

Stone effect tiles have realistic printing that perfectly mimics the appearance of real stone. The advantage of this is that you get the look of authentic stone but with a solution that’s durable, easy to clean and maintain, and a fraction of the cost. Stone effect tiles look great in kitchens as a traditional canvas to embellish with soft furnishings and accessories to complement or contrast. There is a huge variety of finishes and colours to choose from when it comes to stone effect tiles, from rugged to smooth and dark to light.

These natural looking Dolmen Ivory brick tiles will introduce natural charm to your kitchen. These tactile tiles have a slightly bumpy finish for a lovely rustic effect. They have a sophisticated matt finish and are perfect for bringing an exclusive vintage feel into your home.

Beige Kitchen Ideas – Textured Tiles

If you’d like to introduce movement and interest to your kitchen, then textured tiles are a good option. These can either take the form of wood-effect tiles or a pattern that is delineated to give your space a 3D appearance. Textured tiles are perfect for feature walls or splashbacks in kitchens as they will offer a lot of interest.

Why not try these soft beige Loft Kintay patterned tiles? They are ideal for a feature wall or splashback on their own or paired with the matching plain Loft beige tiles.

Loft Kintay Beige Patterned Tiles

Loft Kintay Beige Patterned Tiles

We hope that our beige kitchen ideas have motivated you! Why not look at our website to order free samples and to begin designing a stunning beige kitchen. If you need any help choosing the right beige kitchen tiles for your project, then please contact our friendly team who will be able to help with expert advice.

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