| Date: 23.11.2019

Black and white bathroom designs are a popular and enduring choice, thanks to their clean and relaxing feel, their simplicity, and ability to emulate styles as different as 1920s Art Deco to modern rustic styles.

To help you inject some monochrome magic into your bathroom, we’ve put together a list of ideas, with tips on how to achieve particular styles and looks with a great range of black and white bathroom tiles.

Monochrome Magic: Black and White Bathroom Designs

Shaped black and white bathroom tiles for a striking look

Add impact with shaped black and white tiles to create the perfect pattern on walls, floors, or both! Distinctively decorative tiles will allow you to unleash your creative flair with a wealth of possibilities for design. Used on their own or as a feature, the soft monochrome will really bring the wow factor to your bathroom.

Black and White Bathrooms - Deco Hexagon Tiles

Mosaic black and white bathroom tiles for an Art Deco feel 

Transport yourself back to the vogue bathroom styles of the 1920s and 30s with a covering of these Octagon mosaic tiles. Their strict divisions and black and white colouring ooze the simplistic stylishness of many Art Deco designs while their lightly bevelled surface adds a hint of interest and relief to walls. Consider using them in conjunction with all-white furnishings or a key piece of art deco bathroom furniture.

Black and White Bathrooms - Octagon Mosaic tiles

Octagon Black and White Mosaic Tiles

Black and white bathroom tiles for Victorian opulence

If you’ve desired a pristine black and white Victorian bathroom, adorned with all its opulent accessories, the standalone bathtub, the hanging chandelier and the elaborate wall mirror these Regent tiles are a great first step to achieving that authentic look. The classic diamond pattern is ideal for both walls and as black and white bathroom floor tiles.
Black and White Bathrooms - Regent Victorian tiles

Use retro metro for a vintage New York subway look

First made famous by the architects of the New York subway at the turn of the 20th century, these rectangular wall tiles have become a recurring staple of interior design over the last 100 years. Black and white bathroom tiles can now be used to emulate the subterranean passageways of the metro itself, or as an innovative way to create feature wall patterns and focal points in the bathroom, like these Avila Black Metro tiles. For a more classic Victorian look, consider using bevelled edge metro tiles, such as our Fabulous Mini Bevelled tiles.

Black and White Bathrooms - Avila Metro tiles

Use all black Mosaics for that chic and glitzy finish

Glitzy, glamorous and elegant in the extreme, large-scale use of black mosaics is a sure way to add a dash of modernist style to your bathroom, like these Black Mosaic tiles. Finished surfaces can be filled with light coloured grouts (as shown) to accentuate vertical and horizontal lines. Be wary though, because using mosaics like these in tight-knit rooms can sometimes make for a claustrophobic feel. Instead, why not think about using mosaics for shower installations or as feature walls around baths.

Black and White Bathrooms - Black Mosaic tiles

Use oversized tiles in whites and off-whites for a roomy, modern feel

Large tiles in light colours have proved a real hit in the bathroom design sector in the last couple of years, with their ability to add space and airiness.  The slightly off white tiles look great with this unusual black bath. A word of caution if you choose gloss tiles take care as they will become slippery when wet.

Black and White Bathrooms - Black Bath and Split Face Feature Wall Tiles

Use split face tiles for an eye-catching feature wall

Feature walls have long been a way to add your design flair and creative thinking to a room.  The split face effect of the tiles adds a dash of relief to the wall and are perfect for creating focal points or accentuating fixtures.

Black and White Bathrooms - Black Split Face tiles

Use slate effect tiles for a natural style

Super stylish slate effect tiles are actually manufactured in hard-wearing porcelain and come in a matt finish with a bit of grip making them a natural choice for use in bathrooms or wet room areas. They are available as both black and white floor tiles perfect for monochrome simplicity or mix-and-match designs alike.
Black and White Bathrooms - Black Slate Effect Floor Tiles

Use a herringbone pattern for a creative look

These Madrid tiles look fantastic placed in a herringbone pattern. Go with black on its own or mix with white tiles for a beautiful black and white wall. Tile top to bottom, or finish midway with exposed edges for a quirky look. Bring out the bevelled edges with white grout or keep it chic with black.

Madrid Black Gloss Wall Tiles

Madrid Black Gloss Wall Tiles

Use black and white bathroom tiles in a pattern for versatile vintage 

If you’re looking to create a vintage vision for a fabulous feature wall, these Orly Tiles are a perfect choice. These classically patterned porcelain tiles will give you a softer black and white effect, adding some subtle floral detail to your bathroom. Whether you group a fee tiles together in small sections or with a large repeat, the possibilities are endless.

Black and White Bathrooms - Deco Patterned Victorian Tiles

Orly Patterned Victorian Tiles

Use all white with black accessories for a well-defined space

In many ways, the visual strength of a black and white tiled bathroom is derived from its stark use of contrasts. This particular trick is one way to capitalise on that fully, by juxtaposing black accessories and fixtures with white tiles that dominate the room’s wall and floor surfaces. On the wall, tiles like our classic Gamma metro tiles are a classic choice that won’t date. Use black grout to really make the tiles pop!

Black and White Bathrooms - White Metro Tiles

Matching wall and floor black and white bathroom tiles 

Why not carry the theme through from floor to ceiling with matching wall and floor tiles? You can create a gorgeous seamless effect either by using a plain black or white tile, or try something different, like these quirky hexagons. If the pattern is too much, mix them up with matching black and white tiles, or unleash your creative spirit and devise your own unique design.

Black and White Bathrooms - Deco Hexagon Tiles