| Date: 17.04.2019

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to spruce up the garden ready for barbeques, basking or playtime in the great outdoors.

When it comes to choosing patio tiles, there are a few golden rules to follow. Patio tiles need to be tough, strong and durable so they’ll cope with heavy wear and tear and the ever-changing British weather all year round. And of course, they need to look good too!

Choosing patio tiles

Our guide to choosing the best tiles for your outside area will help you produce the perfect patio.

What is the best material for patio tiles?

Porcelain is our top recommendation for garden and patio tiles as it’s more dense and less porous than ceramic. This makes it the ideal choice for rainy days, as with smaller amount of water getting into the tile, it’s less likely to crack if that water freezes.

Slate and quarry tiles are also extremely strong and have high frost resistance

How strong do patio tiles need to be?

Unlike indoor wall and floor tiles, patio tiles have to withstand rain, shine and everything in between, so they need to be super sturdy.

Another consideration is the level of use – a patio for relaxing and unwinding won’t need tiles as durable as a garden with that sees a lot of rough and tumble from children or pets!

What do the different ‘R’ ratings mean?

If you’re looking for outdoor or patio tiles, the ‘R’ rating indicates the tile’s level of anti slip.

R13 – The highest non slip rating, perfect for outdoor patio tiles and pool or hot tub surroundings.
R12 – Ideal for flat areas of your garden (pool side or patio) but use R13 for steeper paths.
R11 – Still anti-slip, but will get slippery when exposed to excessive water or soap.
R10 – Think utility rooms, green houses and even a patio if it’s sheltered from the elements.
R9 – The lowest slip resistance rating, but could still be used (with caution if wet).

View our detailed guide to anti slip tile ratings and grades.

Other uses for patio tiles

Alongside patios, outdoor tiles have a multitude of uses. Patio tiles are great for designing durable doorsteps and non-slippery but eye-catching paths. There is also the option of using patio tiles indoors and outdoors to create a flow through your property.

Patio design ideas

Light and airy spaces

Is your outdoor area fairly open and filled with light? Choosing patio tiles in a bright and light tone will accentuate the airiness.

Suggested patio tile: Architonic Ivory Anti Slip Tiles (also available in light grey and grey)

Choosing Patio Tiles - Architonic

Modular Tiles

Who says patio tiles are boring? Not us, that’s for sure! Create your own unique design by choosing patio tiles in an interlocking or modular design.

Suggested patio tile: Borgogna White Stone Effect Modular Tiles (also available in beige, black and grey)

Choosing Patio Tiles - Borgogna Modular Tiles

Gimme some space

Smaller outdoor area? Using large outdoor tiles will give your patio and garden the impression of open space.

Suggested patio tile: Camous Grey R12 Anti Slip Tiles (also available in white and greige)

Choosing Patio Tiles - Camous Anti Slip Tiles

Mediterranean magic

Create a Mediterranean feel with vibrant red quarry tiles that are both hard-wearing and eye-catching at the same time.

Suggested patio tile: Italian Red Quarry Tiles.

Choosing Patio Tiles - Italian Red Quarry Tiles

Edgy charm

Add all year round charm to a country-style garden with the quintessentially British quarry tile. Go for an edgier look with a black back garden!

Suggested patio tile: Spanish black quarry tiles (also available in red and brown)

Choosing Patio Tiles - Spanish Black Quarry Tiles

Patterned tiles

Patterned tiles can add interest to your garden whilst still providing a sturdy surface.

Suggested patio tile: Trevi Patterned Patio Tiles

Choosing Patio Tiles - Trevi Moroccan Tiles

Wood-effect patio

Wood effect outdoor tiles are a durable alternative to real timber and are fantastic for decking areas and patios

Suggested patio tile: Maryland Anti Slip Grey Wood Effect Tiles (also available in beige, natural wood and brown wood).

Choosing Patio Tiles - Maryland Wood Effect Tiles

Dark tiles

For outdoor areas that are smaller or more exposed to the elements, darker tiles with a matt finish are a great choice.

Suggested patio tile: Nistos Grey Floor Tiles (also available in dark grey)

Choosing Patio Tiles - Nistos Grey Tiles

Large tiles

Large tiles look great in small or large areas alike. An added benefit is that you need fewer tiles and grout lines to cover the required area, creating a sleek look.

Suggested patio tile: Rodano Taupe Large Floor Tiles

Anti-Slip Tile Ratings and Grades – R13-R9 Explained - Rodano tiles

Rodano tiles

We hope you’ve found our guide to choosing patio tiles useful!

Still not sure which patio tiles to choose? Order some free samples and try a few out!