| Date: 13.05.2021

Adding texture to your home is an emerging trend that gives depth and warmth to any room, and you can easily achieve this by creating texture with tiles. The textures you use can be anything you like, from embossed tiles to natural fabrics and furniture, or a luxurious bath mat or towel.

Sometimes you can just look at an object or feature and imagine how it would feel if you run your hand across it. It’s that tactile suggestion that can add effortless texture to your space and elevate it from flat and lifeless to depth and dimension.

Creating Texture with Tiles

Tiles are a fantastic way to add texture to your home, with shapes, patterns and designs that can create a sense of movement. You can introduce a small section of texture, such as a splashback or feature wall with contrasting or complementary tiles or paint, or go for the whole area for a really tactile feel.

Soft Furnishings

A really simple and inexpensive way to bring texture to a room is through soft furnishings such as rugs, throws and plants. This is a great way to enhance the space and add new layers and dimensions, and you can freshen up the look easily and without spending too much money simply by changing your furnishings when you fancy.

Creating Texture with Tiles – Camous Living Room

Room Features

If you are remodelling a room, you could include wooden shelves, a fireplace or an archway to add texture. A popular bathroom trend is recessed shelves or shower niches that provide clever storage while creating a seamless effect.

Creating Texture with Tiles – Camous Living Room


Split Face Tiles

Split face tiles are a popular choice when it comes to beautiful textured walls, and they can be used indoors or outdoors. These tiles are made by joining together strips of natural slate or stone in varying depths, height, and lengths to create a staggered design with a lovely 3D finish.

Split face tiles are available in beige, brown, bright white, sophisticated black and multicoloured designs.

Creating Texture with Tiles – Ordino Split Face

Relief Tiles

Relief tiles have engraved or embossed elements against a background of the same colour, so they provide a lovely contrast against a plain tile in the same range or size. Try white cube effect tiles for a modern, minimal look or patterned relief tiles for extra interest.

White Bathroom Tile Ideas - Baku White Bathroom Tiles

Baku White Bathroom Tiles

Metro Tiles

The humble metro tile is a simple but effective option when it comes to creating texture with tiles. Watercolour style metro tiles give the illusion of depth, and a bevelled edge gives heaps of definition.

Then when it comes to layout, a herringbone or basket weave style really pumps up the volume, as does a contrasting grout to highlight the edges of the tile.

Creating Texture with Tiles – Artistic

Ripple Effect Tiles

Whether you choose a subtle swirl or a prominent whirl, ripple effect tiles will make waves on any wall. Their undulating lines give the effect of gentle movement and refract light around the room. Go for gloss to really make them shine, or a matt finish for a more industrial loo

Creating Texture with Tiles – Delhi

Mosaic Tiles

Popular since Roman times, mosaic tiles bring sparkle and a glamorously textured surface. Mosaic tiles are made from a series of individual glass, stone, porcelain or ceramic attached to a sheet ready to use. Available in hundreds of styles and finishes, they really draw the eye as a feature wall or stunningly shiny floor.

Creating Texture with Tiles - Urban

Multicoloured Tiles

A clever way to give the idea of movement on your walls without too much physical texture is to use multicoloured tiles. The variety of shades within each tile help create a 3D effect that will wow from any angle, creating texture with tiles in an interesting way.

Creating Texture with Tiles – Helston

Moroccan Tiles

For a textured look that’s totally Moreish, go for Moroccan style tiles. You can recreate the holiday feel outdoors, or a spa effect inside. Available in a range of shades, their intricate designs are ideal for evoking a tactical ambience making them perfect for creating texture with tiles.

Creating Texture with Tiles – Trevi

Wood Effect Tiles

Wood effect tiles are an ever-popular choice as they mimic the rustic appeal and texture of wood, without the high maintenance and at a fraction of the price. Alongside traditional timber hues for a natural aesthetic, many shabby chic shades are available to liven up any space.

Tarima Grey Distressed Wood Effect Tiles

Tarima Grey Distressed Wood Effect Tiles

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