| Date: 07.10.2021

No longer confined to commercial floors and walls, big tiles are on the increase in residential properties as many homeowners introduce open plan spaces and want a more minimalist look.

Large format tiles not only look fantastic, but they are also durable and easy to clean. This is thanks to their large surface area and fewer grout lines, giving you more time to enjoy your home (and your lovely new tiles).

And with the sophisticated digital printing now available, you can go large in any design you choose, from swirling marble to realistic wood and industrial concrete effect.

We’ll expand on the latest trend for using large format tiles and show you ways to go large when it comes to choosing big tiles.

Trevi Marble Effect Tiles Big TIles

Big tiles

Big tiles are the perfect way to make a big impression as they can visually expand your space, thanks to their generous sizing and the fact that you need fewer grout lines. This results in a beautifully clean, spacious and uninterrupted look that’s perfect for contemporary rooms. And the larger the tile, the more dramatic the look.

Minimal grout lines

One of the best things about large format tiles is that they require less grout, due to the large coverage that they offer. This results in a chic and unified look where the grout joints fade into the design rather than standing out. For ultra-narrow grout lines take a look at rectified tiles that have precision cut straight edges.

If you’re tiling walls, For walls, big tiles can reflect more light into the room so they make a great alternative to wallpaper or paint and look fantastic when paired with a matching or complementary floor tile.

Easy to clean and maintain

With fewer grout lines between big tiles, less maintenance is needed to keep your tiles clean. Grout can be very temperamental to keep clean, so less is more in this case. Just think of all those spills and splashes that bathrooms and kitchens are the recipients of – with less grout to keep clean, it means more time for other things in life!

Can I only use big tiles in large areas?

As we’ve mentioned, large format tiles are ideal for larger spaces and open plan areas to create a chic look with plenty of space. But smaller spaces can benefit from big tiles too, in fact the seamless look can give the illusion of extra space, thanks to less visual interruption from fewer grout lines in contrast to busier smaller tiles. You can also use the same tile on both wall and floor for a unified look. Our top tip is to use a matching grout colour so it blends in with the tiles rather than standing out.

Tips for laying large tiles

Laying large tiles can be much easier than small tiles, especially in large open plan areas. Less time is spent on measuring and placing big tiles, cutting and fitting them, and completing the grouting task which can take a long time with smaller tiles. Plus if you make a mistake, you only have to take up one or two pieces to correct the issue. These factors make laying big tiles a less daunting task if you want to lay them yourself.

Just a note of caution always make sure you or your tiler has the right cutting equipment to work with large tiles and please be aware very large tiles will be heavier and more awkward to manage and may require two people.

Ways to use larger tiles

Big tiles can look good in so many different spaces but here are just a few ideas of where you can use them if you’re looking to think big with your tiled floors or walls.

Open plan big tiles

Big floor tiles are a brilliant choice for open plan areas to create a seamless flow between your kitchen, dining room and lounge, and even out to your garden. Our top tip is to use one style throughout rather than a mixture of styles, then you can zone each area with furniture and accessories.

With the cohesive look from the generous size and fewer grout lines, large format tiles make spaces look bigger, and are also a practical choice being extremely durable and will last for many years to come.

Style and Inspiration - Crash Marble Tiles

Commercial big tiles

Commercial spaces can benefit from big tiles to create a stylish appearance that not only looks great but is easy to maintain. Large-format tiles are a sensible choice to cope with heavy foot traffic with less grout to clean, and with many large format tiles available with anti-slip properties, you can achieve a stunning floor that isn’t slippery.

There are many big tiles also suitable for commercial outdoor spaces too.

Cardostone White Stone Effect Porcelain Floor Tiles

Industrial style big tiles

Concrete effect tiles are very popular at the moment to create a contemporary look with an industrial feel. Think New York loft apartment or boutique hotel room! Of course, there’s a big tile option for this look, thanks to advances in printing technology that can mimic the look of concrete with the warmth of a tile.

Tokio Gris Large Anti Slip Grey Tiles

Big bathroom tiles

Recreate the experience of stepping into a luxury spa with large format tiles in your bathroom.

We’ve mentioned the advantages of a larger size and fewer grout lines, but they really do make a difference when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. The light and airy space will be perfect for relaxing at the end of a busy day, especially if you indulge in a spot of bathscaping and introduce an indulgent bath mat, fluffy towels and a stylish bath tray.

Pienza Light Grey Tiles

Big wood effect plank tiles

It isn’t just stone effect tiles that are available in large sizes, wood effect tiles are now bigger than ever, giving the aesthetic of lovely long floorboards but without the higher price and time-consuming maintenance of real timber Plus you aren’t in danger of the wood warping, so they are ideal to create a natural look in your bathroom too.

Replicate the look of genuine wood and create a wonderful airy space in any room.

Maryland Grey Wood Effect Tiles Anti Slip Decking Tiles

Matching big tiles for walls and floors

Matching wall and floor tiles are one of the emerging tile trends for 2022. Using the same tile on the floor and extending them up onto the walls will help you achieve a really modern look. If you do prefer a smaller wall tile, there are many ranges available that offer the same tile in different sizes.

Bear in mind that to create the illusion of wider space, lay big tiles horizontally, but change the direction to vertical if you want to make your walls look taller.

Pienza Avorio Grey Gloss Large Tiles

Big tiles throughout your home

For an ultra-stylish and contemporary home, why not use the same flooring throughout? This will give you a fabulously uninterrupted sense of space, with each room blending in seamlessly with the others. Look for a range with a coordinating large format exterior tile and you can carry this look on into the great outdoors.

Big Tiles - Trevi Marble Effect

Outdoor big tiles

And of course, big tiles don’t have to be limited to indoors. You can spruce up a patio, garden or balcony with supersize tiles for a contemporary look all year round. Exterior large format tiles have all the same benefits on offer, making your space look larger and having higher durability. Ideal for bringing the indoors outside or creating a seamless flow from inside your property to the great outdoors.

Rodano Large Floor Tiles - Taupe Tiles

Considering big tiles for your next project?

Take a look at our extra large floor tile range for inspiration. Don’t forget that our cut samples are completely free, so you can try them before you buy. Happy tiling!

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