| Date: 03.02.2022

With Spring peeking around the corner, we’d like to share our green bathroom ideas to add freshness and a touch of funkiness to your home.

But why is green so glorious? Green has been around since the beginning of time as one of the colours that represent the natural world. Green is associated with vegetation, vigour, and growth in ancient Egypt and was a symbol of regeneration, good health, and rebirth. The colour green also represented a person’s social rank and profession throughout the Middle Ages and Renaissance, and could only be worn by the wealthy.

Today, green has many associations: life and renewal, nature and energy, fertility and growth, and sustainability and eco-friendliness to name just a few.

Shades of Green

In the 18th century, green pigments in interior design could contain the toxic chemical arsenate. This featured in the bedroom wallpaper of Napoleon Bonaparte, which some believe was the cause of his death. Thankfully, none of our beautiful green bathroom tiles are poisonous! There are so many gorgeous shades to choose from when considering green bathroom tiles.

8 Gorgeous Green Bathroom Ideas

Here are our favourite green bathroom ideas to inspire your next project.

Sage Green Bathroom Tiles

If you’re looking for an earthy, subtle green, then look no further than sage green. This wonderful soft shade of green is inspired by the healing herb sage and brings a soothing tone to any room. Laurie Pressman, Vice President of the Pantone Color Institute says: “Harmonious and healing, the health-giving message conveyed by sage greens are ideally suited to this time. They enhance our emotional well-being and boost our spiritual health…”

Sage green is a versatile colour that will work well with a range of coordinating and contrasting hues, thanks to its neutral nature and undertones of grey and silver. And sage is all the rage – it’s a tone that doesn’t seem to ever go out of style.

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Green Bathroom Tiles - Artistic Sage Green

Light green bathroom ideas

Light green bathroom tiles are the ideal way to add a subtle splash of colour whilst keeping lots of light in your room, and this soft shade works particularly well in smaller rooms. Light green is a soothing and peaceful colour and a very calm shade that represents renewal, luck, health, and optimism.

White and cream are an obvious choice to pair with this shade, but greys and blacks also work well, as well as other pastel shades.

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Green Bathroom Ideas - Avila Green

Indoor plant on wooden table and white wall

Mint Green Bathroom Ideas

Another shade derived from nature is mint green. Named after the vibrant herb mint, this is a delicate tone that has enough zing to add oomph but not too much! Mint green tiles can evoke feelings of freshness and light, and there is also tranquillity and calmness to this colour, which may be why it’s often used in care settings.

Mint is a great match with whites and creams for a really fresh look, but also works in harmony with taupes and pinks – think Neopolitan ice cream for inspiration! You can also pair mint with grey for a really classy look.

Tiles for green bathroom ideas

Green Bathroom Tiles - Gamma Green

Emerald Green Bathroom Ideas

If you’re looking for vibrant green bathroom tiles, then why not consider opulent emerald? This darker shade represents abundance, prosperity, and growth in nature, business, or within ourselves. Emerald colours can also help to create a lovely cosy sanctuary to relax in. For the ultimate in decadence, pair with metallic accessories, add black accessories or use white to really make this rich tone stand out.

These deep green tiles can be used on their own or blended with other tiles from the Glamour range or used on their own as a striking statement.

Green Bathroom Ideas - Glamour Green

Watercolour Green Bathroom Ideas

We adore watercolour tiles. They give you the benefit of a hint of colour but in a pared-down way. Our Vita range gives you a glorious super glossy finish alongside variation between tiles for a truly unique look. These tiles are also available in a range of wonderful complementary colours so you can mix and match to your heart’s content.

Green Bathroom Tiles - Vita Green Metro Tiles

Green Tile Shapes And Sizes

Make your friends and family green with envy with green bathroom tiles in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Mosaic Green Bathroom Tiles

Mosaic tiles are a lovely addition to any bathroom to invoke the feeling of a relaxing spa or sanctuary. For a high impact effect, use bold green mosaic tiles in generous quantities, or how about a border or metallic green mosaics as a finishing touch? And of course, there’s always the option of just using a small section as a feature wall – the ideal touch in a shower.

Green Bathroom Tiles - Anti Slip Green Mosaic Tiles

Hexagonal Green Bathroom Ideas

Impress your friends and family with the latest in trendy Hexagon wall tiles. Our Hex bathroom tiles offer the winning combination of deep greens and blues and are ideal for creating a stunning feature wall. These tiles simply ooze with energy and bring the feel of the seaside and coast into your home. Use as much or as little as you like, and pair with plain or hexagon tiles in white.

Green Bathroom Ideas - Hex Green Hexagon Tiles

Scallop Green Bathroom Ideas

Bring the beach to your home with these stunning scallop-shaped green bathroom tiles. Their unusual scale shape and wonderful garden green tone will really stand out from the crowd, whether you use them on walls, floors, or both! If this garden green shade is too vibrant, they are also available in white and grey.

Green Bathroom Tiles - Scale Green Scallop Tiles

Scale Green Scallop Tiles

Green Bathroom Ideas – Accessories

If you just want to add a hint of green to your bathroom, why not consider green bathroom accessories? It’s a very low budget way to introduce some colour, and an inexpensive option to change as frequently as you like. Green accessories work fantastically well against white, grey and black bathrooms.

Bathroom Accessories

If you’re looking for green bathroom ideas, then why not have a look for green bathroom accessories. There are so many out there to choose from. Keep your floor dry with a vibrant green bath mat, or wrap up after your shower or bath in the comforting fibres of a luxurious green bath towel. Opt for unity with a matching soap dispenser, toothbrush tidy and toilet brush holder, or go quirky with individual designs that tickle your fancy. Go the extra (green) mile with green edged mirror, green picture frames or green artwork.


And of course, a wonderful way to introduce green into your bathroom is with a touch of foliage. Many plants such as Pothos and Aloe thrive in bathrooms because of all the moisture in the air, but if you’re really not green-fingered, then there are some incredibly lifelike artificial plants and flowers out there for you to choose from. Or you could be really adventurous and create a tiny living wall.

Green Bathroom Ideas - Accesories

If you have been inspired to use green bathroom tiles in your next project, then take a browse through our tiles, order some free samples, or contact our friendly team for advice.

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Green Metro Tiles 

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Green Shaped Tiles 

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Don’t forget that all our tiles are available to order as cut samples, so you can try them out before you buy them. We suggest trying them in different areas of the room, at different times of the day and with lights on and off to get the full effect.