| Date: 24.08.2021

The humble hallway is often an afterthought when it comes to interior design, but with some careful consideration, this busy thoroughfare of traffic can be practical and easy on the eye at the same time.

Whether you’re short on space or have space to spare, our round-up of hallway ideas and inspiration will show you how to create a heavenly hallway with design ideas and clever storage tips to maximise your hall and suit all budgets. And of course, some of our favourite hallway tiles to boot!

Hallway Walls

Sometimes hallways are very small spaces giving you limited opportunities to add accessories or decorations. Wallpaper or funky wall tiles are great options to add interest and texture to your home without compromising on space or tidiness. If you want to create the illusion of more space, try vertical stripes to elongate the area, light colours to give an airy spacious feel, or unleash some personality with really funky designs.

Hallway ideas and inspiration Graham and Brown wallpaper

Graham & Brown Meadow Dusk Wallpaper

Hallway Flooring Choices

Hallways can see some of the highest footfall in your home and can be the recipient of dirty shoes and muddy paws. This is why it’s important to choose hardwearing and durable flooring that’s easy to clean and maintain. Porcelain tiles are a great choice as they look stylish and are available in a range of colours and designs to suit every taste. You can carry the flooring through to other rooms in your property or choose something different to make your hallway stand out.

Hallway ideas and inspiration customer hallway

Helen's hallway with Nikea tiles

Hallway Flooring Design Ideas

There are so many hallway ideas when it comes to flooring designs for your entrance. Victorian-style patterned tiles work well in both traditional and contemporary homes and add a big dose of personality. If you like the idea of wood, you could try wood effect tiles as a practical alternative to real wood floors. Marble effect tiles are a real growing trend in many homes, with their stylish look and light colour scheme, and stone effect tiles are a timeless classic that never go out of style. Whatever you choose, you’ll be sure to make an entrance.

Hallway ideas and inspiration customer wood effect hallway

Abbie's hallway with Roof Wood Effect Tiles

A Consistent Hallway Colour Scheme

For a really dramatic hallway, bring together the colours from your floors, walls and accessories for a really striking and consistent look. Add some drama with monochrome or soften the style with delicate pastels. Or if you’re short on space, an all-white colour scheme will give the impression that your hallway is much bigger than it is.

Hallway ideas and inspiration - black and white hallway

Introduce Bright Colour

Hallways and landings are ideal spots to introduce bright colours onto your walls. These smaller spaces can take a bold hue as these areas are merely gateways to other rooms. There’s such a huge spectrum of shades to choose from. Go bright and cheerful with yellow and orange, warm with red, calming with blue or dramatic with black. Purple is perfect for a luxurious effect and green gives off energy and a natural vibe. And if large blocks of colour are a bit too much for you, why not try colourful accessories instead such as hooks, benches or artwork. A top tip here is to invest in easy to clean wall tiles or wipeable paint for this high traffic area.

Hallway ideas and inspiration - customer marble effect hallway tiles

Ray's hallway with Calacatta Marble Effect Tiles

Add a Hallway Runner

If you’re opting for tiles or wooden flooring for your hallway, a runner is a great idea to add a bit of warmth underfoot and can be the perfect way to bring the theme of your hall together. One of the simplest hallway ideas out there, runners are available in a high variety of colours, textures and patterns to make a statement or blend in. For extra sturdiness underfoot, add an anti-slip mat underneath.

Hallway ideas and inspiration - Fenton and Fenton hallway runner

Fenton and Fenton hallway runner

Hallway Ideas – Zoning

If you have the space, a nifty hallway idea is to try creating a zone within. This could be a seating area for reading or putting on shoes or space for organisation. Add in some pictures, plants and candles for a homely vibe that can be easily updated when you fancy a change.

Hallway ideas and inspiration - beige modular floor tiles

Mirror Mirror on the Hallway Wall

Often, hallways can be quite small in size and can feel a little cramped and cluttered. Our top hallway idea is to add mirrors which will reflect light and give the illusion of lots more space. Plus there’s always the bonus that you can have a quick glance in them before you leave the house.

Hallway ideas and inspiration- customer Calacatta white hallway

Hallway Lighting

A dark and dingy hallway can easily be transformed with carefully positioned lighting. Smaller spaces can benefit from a beautiful chandelier or pendant light, and you can achieve balance in longer spaces with a series of spots or pendants. Create a specific mood by choosing lights that will bring your wall colours to life, or choose directional lights to highlight certain points in your hallway or cast a lovely glow down the walls.

Hallway ideas and inspiration - Split Face Feature Wall

Hallway Storage Ideas

Hallways are busy areas and can end up being dumping grounds for shoes, coats, bags and many other bits and bobs. There are many clever storage solutions for a clutter-free hallway that needn’t cost too much money to achieve. Peg rails are a fabulous hallway idea to hang coats, hats, scarves and bags. You can elevate this by adding a shelf above the pegs to add baskets and boxes for gloves, to display ornaments or to hide away keys. Or if you have space, why not opt for a funky coat stand as a practical feature that can be a real talking point.

Peg Rail Shelf Tales from a Happy House

Peg Rail Shelf from Tales from a Happy House

Storing Shoes in your Hallway

Shoes can be really tricky to keep organized and tidy, but we have a few ideas to inspire you. A simple shoe rack will do the trick, or why not look for a bench with built-in storage? Understairs storage can be an absolute game-changer, with pull out drawers to hide shoes away or taller built-in cupboards to house ironing boards, brooms, mops and vacuums. A hallway idea that is attractive as well as practical!

Understairs storage from Clever Closet

Hall Tile Inspiration

We hope our hallway ideas have helped inspire you to turn your hallway from havoc to a haven! We’d love to see your hallway projects – email [email protected] or tag us on social media.