| Date: 05.06.2019

If you’re looking for something a little more out of the ordinary than the classic Metro tile, look no further than the mighty hexagon, a tile trend that is shaking up interior design with some six-sided swagger. Geometric patterns always give an edge to any project, so we thought we’d share our favourite hexagon tile ideas on how to use this classic but quirky shape to make a statement on your wall or floor.

Hexagon Tile Ideas

Hexagon tiles offer a stylish solution for creating a unique wall or floor. Choose from a range of colours, sizes and finishes to style your kitchen, bathroom or living area.

Stunning hexagon splashback

Looking to create a geometric splashback that’s really eye-catching? Go for plain walls with patterned hexagons, or bold walls with chic white hexagons. With the pattern not reaching the ceiling, this lets the shape of the tiles shine at the top of the section.

Hexagon Tile Ideas - Hex White

Hexagon feature wall

These cool blues and greens will add a calming, aquatic feel to a bathroom (or kitchen). Tiling one wall with these mid-sized hexagons is a great way to introduce some six-sided splendour into your home, and the darker colours really pop against the lighter floor and bright white bath.

Hexagon Tile Ideas - Hex Aqua

Wall and floor hexagons

Terracotta is a highly popular choice for customers, and mixing it with brown and beige accents can bring a natural and organic feel to any room. If you want to open up your space for a light and airy feel, these hexagonal tiles are the way to do it.

Image of a kitchen with rosy beige hexagonal flolor tiles and a grey neutral countertop. Accents of brown and light brown on the sink counter and bar stools

Pave the way

If you’re looking to add interest to a larger room or commercial space, we love this use of patterned tiles to create a path amongst white hexagons. With a selection of designs available, you can really create a unique look for your project. One of our favourite hexagon tile ideas!

Hexagon Tile Ideas - Grazia Hex

Small hexagon tile ideas

Whether you splash out with larger sections or use sparingly for a splashback, these hexagon mosaic tiles will add a strong style statement to any room. We love the classic grey colour which gives a quirky but subtle effect.

Hexagon Tile Ideas - Urban

Pair with another shape

We love the use of tiles from the same range in two different shapes, creating unity and a flow of colour but adding variety at the same time. This works well with larger hexagon tiles for the floor and then smaller tiles on the walls to create balance.

Hexagon Tile Ideas - Memphis

Six-sided chic

There’s something so striking and sophisticated about black tiles – they really create a touch of opulence and luxury. Use them in a small section or a whole wall and accessories with metallic, wood or bright colours. Tiles like these with a patterned detail can be used in different layouts to create stripes or shapes.

Hexagon Tile Ideas - Opal Black

Enhance Walls and Floors

Embrace an urban chic vibe with these versatile blue tiles. The unique hexagon shape of these tiles opens up a world of design possibilities, allowing you to create captivating patterns that showcase your personal style and enhance the visual aesthetic of accompanying home décor.

Atelier Hexagon Blue Tiles

How to tile your hexagons

Point up

This look is particularly effective if you’re just half-tiling a wall, as you can leave a row exposed at the top to highlight the shape.

Hexagon Tile Ideas - Grazia White

Flat edge up

Tile with the flat edge at the top for full wall coverage and to create a more honeycomb-like effect.

An emerald green comfortable chair sat on Opal Deco White Hexagon Tiles


It’s so important to consider grout when you’re choosing your tiles and with hexagons, this is no exception. Try a contrasting colour to bring out the shape, or matching colour for a sleeker and more subtle finish.

Hexagon Tile Ideas - Opal Tiles

We hope our hexagon tile ideas has inspired you to add some six-sided splendour into your home!

Considering using hexagon tiles in your next project?

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