| Date: 19.02.2016

Bring industrial chic into your home with concrete effect tiles

One of this year’s biggest trends is large grey floor tiles, with industrial concrete effect tiles leading the way. It’s easy to see why – with their stylish clean lines they provide a chic, industrial and modern feel, ideal for lovers of minimalism. Moreover, the concrete effect tiles are great for open plan kitchens and living areas as they can turn a mundane room into a high-functional, stylish area.

What’s more, they are incredibly versatile and can serve as a slick blank canvas upon which you can experiment with putting your own stamp on a room, trying out different accessories over time. Combining the industrial charm of polished concrete with the key properties of porcelain – low maintenance and durability – industrial concrete effect tiles are the ideal marriage of substance and style for any house.

A note of caution, however, we would recommend that you make sure your tiler can work with larger tiles before placing an order for any modern large formats.

Industrial Concrete Effect Tiles

Here are our favourite industrial concrete effect tiles.

Cemento Porcelain Tiles 

Great value classic style concrete effect tiles

Cemento minimalistic tiles are a great choice in a traditional monochrome colour scheme.  Simply add black and white accessories or wall coverings for a functional and clean line look which is perfect for any room in the home, including your study. These hard-wearing tiles can also be used in a commercial setting and are ideal for sleek office environments.

A real epitome of the industrial style, the Cemento range is available in three distinct colour choices, including a softer grey-white option. In addition to the popular, easy to handle 600 x 600 format, these tiles come in an extra-large format.

Industrial Concrete Effect - Cemento

Cement and Concrete Style Tiles

A large and luxurious take on the industrial concrete effect tile trend

Selecting large format grey tiles like the Cement range doesn’t mean your interior décor needs to be bland! On the contrary, having a neutral base allows you to change the look of any room with accessories – the tiles look great combined with bold boho-chic colours and large rugs such as the teals and mustards used in the picture or try a softer autumn look with tan-coloured furniture and lovely tones of green.

You can use the Cement tiles as a starting point for your own colour schemes – depending on whether you use natural, soft, warm or vibrant colours you will get a different look. You can also soften the design with beautiful soft materials, such as velvets and faux furs – a real juxtaposition to the hard lines of the industrial theme.

Industrial Concrete Effect - Cemento

Architonic Grey Porcelain Tiles

A timeless industrial concrete effect favourite

If you’re looking to declutter and create a sense of well-being, the Architonic tiles co-ordinate particularly well with simple white furniture and minimalist accessories. These beautiful tiles will be a highlight of any room and the large contemporary format is perfect for creating clean lines and that uncluttered look. Thanks to the hard wearing properties of porcelain, they are suitable for all home spaces, from kitchens and bathrooms to conservatives and patios, allowing you to achieve a truly seamless look throughout your home and into your outdoor spaces.

Industrial Concrete Effect - Architonic

Domus Grey Tiles 

Minimalist matching set of wall and floor industrial concrete effect tiles

If you are really taken by the industrial concrete effect style and want to introduce it to walls and floors the Domus range is perfect for this occasion as it offers matching floor and wall tiles. The textured ripple effect wall tile is a wonderful addition ideal for feature walls in areas such as shower enclosures in bathrooms and dining areas in kitchens. Feature walls that have depth and texture are a popular trend in interior design so why not bring your home right up to date with grey, concrete effect, feature walls.

Industrial Concrete Effect - Domus

Stone Trend Grey Tiles

One of the great qualities of this range is that all the tiles can be used as wall and floor tiles, including the mosaic tiles, so you can create a relaxing 3D seamless look from the floor up through the wall. Your eyes will sweep around the room over the smooth lines of the floor and walls creating a great sense of flow from top to bottom.

Stone Trend is another versatile range available in both light and darker grey colours, as well as mosaics for those of you looking to create a wonderful feature wall or take it a step further with a feature floor.

Industrial Concrete Effect - Stone Trend

If you are looking to refurbish your home and add some industrial chic to your interior décor, browse our full range of industrial concrete effect tiles and order your free sample, so you can find the perfect match! You can also get in touch with our team for any queries or advice on which the best tiles are for you.

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