| Date: 08.09.2022

Nothing brings us more joy than the task of predicting the interior design trends for 2023.

We’ll show you all the latest styles to incorporate in your next home project, with a few budget-friendly options to help you still get the look at a little less cost.

2023 is all about being brave – making the leap from safe bets like neutrals and letting your imagination run wild.

It’s the perfect opportunity to create a wonderfully stylish home that is completely how you want it to be.

It’s so easy to plump for an option to help your home sell in the future, but the last few years has taught us to live in the moment, so go ahead and unleash your interior design desires!

Interior Design Trends for 2023

We hope our guide to the top 2023 home decor and interior design trends will inspire you to create the home you love.

Colour Interior Design Trends for 2023

Joyous colour

Coming out of the darkness of the pandemic, we’ve seen a huge surge in search terms for colourful tiles. As people gain renewed energy for life, in turn their homes are transforming into colourful creations to add happiness and warmth.

Think warm mustard to imitate the sun, or bright blue tiles to mimic the sky. Green is the colour of new life and energy. For more inspiration, check out our handy guide to which tile colour to choose.

Budget option: Add colourful accessories, such as rugs, towels and artwork. This also gives you the option to change them on a more regular basis.

Blue Zellige Tiles in Bathroom with White Accessories

Blue Zellige Bathroom

Metallic tones

Metallics appear in modern interior design almost everywhere, from wall art to furniture to industrial lighting. More hues, tones, and textures are being used as people continue to explore the potential of this trend.

Metallics are no longer associated with drab, warehouse-style furnishings – you can produce an authentic yet cosy feeling by mixing in natural textures such as leather, marble, wood, and brick.

Copper is a timeless metallic shade that combines both luxury and warmth, but interior design trends for 2023 are seeing the emergence of colourful metallics, such as deep blues and greens.

These are ideal choices for making an industrial statement.

If a whole room is too much, adding just a touch of metallic is a wonderful way to add a modern industrial look and achieve one of the top interior design trends for 2023.

Budget option: A money-friendly way to introduce metallics into your home is through soft furnishings. Think gunmetal grey throws, gold ornaments, and silver fittings.

Alloy Porcelain Dark Green Floor Tiles – Rectified

Alloy Porcelain Dark Green Floor Tiles – Rectified

Colourful fixtures and fittings

Following on from the black accents trend of 2022, it’s time to inject some colour.

You can really go for it, as there are now more and more colourful options to choose from when it comes to selecting hardware such as shower trays, sinks and cupboards.

Such a lovely way to introduce colour whilst keeping minimal and neutral tones as a background to let the hues shine.

Budget option: An easy way to introduce some vibrancy is with an easy upgrade such as colourful mirror or picture frames, alongside accessories like soap dispensers, towels and mats.

Derry Grey Bathroom and Kitchen Wall Tiles

Derry Grey Bathroom and Kitchen Wall Tiles

Style Interior Design Trends for 2023

Tactile Design

Textured surfaces have magical powers – when we look at them, our mind automatically thinks about how they feel to touch. We can do this by remembering surfaces we’ve touched before.

Incorporating different surface textures into your home can add so much interest and character.

There are lots of ways that tiles can incorporate texture into your walls. Relief tiles are a great option, providing a 3D effect that’s sure to wow.

Or you can use mosaics and metros with a contrasting grout colour to make the shapes stand out.

Think about a white mosaic paired with a black grout versus the same mosaic with white grout – the look and feel of these two options are completely different, and that’s due to their visual texture.

And finally, split face tiles are an incredible way to bring the feeling of natural texture into your home. When it comes to interior design trends for 2023, you can’t beat this touchy feely option.

Budget option: Don’t forget the simple things, like a tactile shaggy rug or throw cushions, or even a 3D piece of artwork.

Eclipse Iron Metallic Wall Tiles

Eclipse Iron Metallic Wall Tiles

Top to Toe Terrazzo

Terrazzo has been creeping back into homes since 2018, but the recent trend is the top to toe look.

Terrazzo originated in Italy over 500 years ago, as a way to reuse leftover marble and glass by setting it in cement.

Nowadays, it has been remastered for modern homes in the form of porcelain tiles, which are much more inexpensive and also very durable.

When it comes to interior design trends for 2023, the terrazzo trend is to blend from wall to floor. It’s a perfect choice as you can create a statement without it being too over the top.

The joy of terrazzo tiles is that they are available in a wide range of colours to choose from, giving you even more freedom when it comes to designing your dream look.

It’s ideal for a clean and low maintenance effect that’s so modern.

Budget option: There are many inexpensive ways to introduce terrazzo into your home, such as terrazzo kitchenware, lamps, cushion covers and even rugs!

Doria Greige Terrazzo Tiles in kitchen

Doria Greige Terrazzo Tiles

Large scale marble

Marble effect tiles never really go out of style, but its incarnation in our interior design trends for 2023 is in large format.

The beauty of using larger-sized tiles is that it gives a more seamless look, requiring fewer tiles and grout lines to cover the area. Something that your tiler will be grateful for too!

If you opt for marble effect tiles with rectified edges then you’ll get an even more blended look, thanks to the smaller grout lines.

Marble effect flooring is a timeless classic, but it’s also great if you’re short on space. The smooth texture and light tones will make the room appear wider and longer.

As well as using marble effect on walls and floors, you could also introduce it into your home in the form of accessories, such as sinks and tableware.

Budget option: Our marble floor tiles start from as little as £1.92 per tile.

Revan Matt Large Marble Effect Floor Tiles in Silver

Revan Matt Large Marble Effect Floor Tiles in Silver

Room Interior Design Trends for 2023

Blue kitchens

We’re very excited about the latest colour trend for kitchens. Traditionally more of a bathroom colour, blue is the new hue for one of the busiest rooms in the home.

Blue is known for its calming properties, making it perfect for taking the edge off preparing stressful meals and doing the washing up!

The minimalistic and elegant tone of blue works equally well in both modern and traditional kitchens. Choose a deep dark blue for a sumptuous look or a pastel for added light.

When it comes to accessories, blue works really well with white, grey, metallic shades and wood.

Budget options: Add in just a bit of blue with a toaster, kettle, storage pots or towels. Alternatively, a splashback is a great way to still use tiles but just not as many.

Kitchen Wall Tile Trends - Gamma Blue Metro Tiles

Bedroom Feature Walls

We’re seeing a huge shift from monotone bedrooms in predominantly grey and navy to the use of colours and especially texture.

A white relief tile as a feature wall mimics the softness of a pillow or duvet, instantly creating more comfort in your boudoir.

While tiles might not seem an obvious choice, they are a durable option that won’t show the dust as much as a dark colour, and won’t need replacing or repapering.

A bedroom feature wall is one of the top interior design trends of 2023 for making a personal room truly unique. Use soft shades for a calming effect, or bolder colours to add more impact.

Budget option: Scatter cushions and throws are a great way to add texture to your bedroom, or a lovely shaggy rug on the floor to sink your toes into.

Delta White Triangle Tiles

Delta White Triangle Tiles

Home office makeover

With many of us remaining working at home, redecorating your office space is one of the strong interior design trends for 2023.

Creating a comfortable, functional and beautiful workplace at home will ensure that not only is it worthy of featuring on video calls, but you’ll have a haven in which to be productive, creative and inspired.

Tiles make a great choice for flooring, to save your carpet being worn away by office chair wheels.

Cheerful wallpaper behind your desk gives you a wonderful video call background, or why not introduce artwork, macramé or plants on your wall?

Budget options:

  • If you can’t spare a whole room, try a foldaway desk that so you can shut off the office vibe at the end of the day.
  • Stay clutter-free to help minimise the space you need – why not choose storage items that complement or contrast from your existing décor
  • Soft blues, greens, and neutrals will create a calming effect, or go bold and bright to energise your mood.
Bricola Honey Porcelain Wood Look Tiles

Bricola Honey Porcelain Wood Look Tiles

Soft Edges

One of our favourite interior design trends for 2023 is curvy furniture. In contrast to the usual sharp angles of traditional tables and chairs, furniture with softer edges can give a lovely soft feel to a room.

Think sumptuous C-shape sofas, rounded tables and curved chairs to snuggle in.

A softer edge will work wonders to create a fresh and natural look, as well as provide light and style.

Budget options: New furniture can be expensive, so try scouring eBay or your local charity shop for bargains – you can always paint them or reupholster them.

Exterior Design Trends for 2022

Beige outdoor tiles

As an added bonus for you, here’s one of our favourite exterior design trends for 2023. After an onslaught of grey gardens, beige is back with a bang for next year, bringing back a natural, earthy look to gardens.

Beige is a wonderful choice to add warmth to your garden.

Tiles make the perfect choice for a project like this, as they are durable, easy to maintain and are available in a huge range of styles and shades.

Budget option: You can use just a few tiles to make a ‘living room’ area, frame a gardening patch, or create a path.

Carnival Beige Exterior Tiles

Carnival Beige Exterior Tiles

If you’ve enjoyed these latest interior design trends for 2023 and been inspired for your next project, we’d love to hear from you! Get in touch or share your pictures via social media.