| Date: 16.05.2019

If you’re mulling over a kitchen makeover and you’re floored about flooring, then our kitchen floor tile inspiration is here to help! Not only are tiles a stylish option to put some personality in one of your home’s busiest rooms, but they’re durable, easy to clean, more hygienic, often grippy and non-slippy – oh and very affordable too!

Kitchen Floor Tile Inspiration

We’ve served up a menu of ten kitchen floor tiles to feast your eyes on.

Grey kitchen floor tiles

We love any shade of grey! This versatile hue looks great with pretty much any colour and will give you a look that won’t date. Try these large-format Argon grey floor tiles with a rectified edge for a seamless look.

Kitchen Floor Tile Inspiration - Tokio

Patterned kitchen floor tile inspiration

Whether your space is contemporary or classic, patterned kitchen floor tiles will bring interest to a featured section or the whole area. Pair with muted units to make the tiles shine, or have a complete explosion of colour! Go bold with our Manises patterned tiles or try a more subtle design.

Kitchen Floor Tile Inspiration - Manises

White kitchen floor tiles

Sophisticated, stylish and smart, white floor tiles are a timeless classic and are also great at lightening up rooms and creating the illusion of larger space. Pair white tiles with bold colours, neutrals, patterns, whatever you like! Go super shiny with our Mega Gloss tiles.

White Zellige Tiles

White Zellige Tiles

Black kitchen floor tile inspiration

Paint it (well, tile it) black! Black kitchen floor tiles are classy, sophisticated, stylish and add impact to your room. These Opal black hexagon tiles are a new addition to our range and can be used on walls or floors to create a fantastic dramatic effect.

Kitchen Floor Tile Inspiration - Opal Black

Stone kitchen floor tiles

Stone is a great finish for your kitchen floor tiles to create a cosy, classic look. Hard-wearing, durable, easy to clean and affordable – all great reasons to rock some stone! Opt for a modular design, like our Borgogna tiles, to create your own unique design.

Kitchen Floor Tile Inspiration - Borgogna

Large kitchen floor tiles

If you’re looking to go large with your kitchen floor tile inspiration, look no further! Large kitchen floor tiles are perfect for creating a seamless look as you’ll require fewer tiles and less grout. They look stylish and particularly fantastic in open-plan areas. These Architonic tiles are made from porcelain and have an anti-slip finish, creating a durable and sturdy surface.

Kitchen Floor Tile Inspiration - Architonic

Light grey kitchen floor tiles

This soft shade will add effortless style to any room, without losing too much light. Try these gorgeous matt finish Arkety light grey floor tiles in a popular large format 60.8 x 60.8 size which means less tiles and less grouting for a more seamless look.

Kitchen Floor Tile Inspiration - Arkety

Ceramic kitchen floor tiles

If you’re choosing kitchen floor on a budget, ceramic tiles are your friend. Although cheaper than porcelain, you’ll still find a range of beautiful designs and finishes to inspire you. Try these fabulous Boulevard tiles for an eye-catching pattern in soft neutral colours.

Regent deco Victorian kitchen tiles

Porcelain kitchen floor tiles

Porcelain tiles are fabulous for kitchen floors. They may be durable enough to cope with high traffic areas, but that doesn’t mean compromising on delightful designs. These Calacatta tiles are our best selling floor tile because they create such a classic subtle marble effect.

Kitchen Floor Tile Inspiration - Calacatta

Wood effect kitchen floor tiles

Wood effect kitchen floor tiles give you the appearance of timber without the high maintenance and cost. Ceramic or porcelain wood effect tiles can be fitted with underfloor heating and will look beautiful for years to come. Add a rustic look with our superb shabby chic Samba wood effect tiles

Tarima Grey Distressed Wood Effect Tiles

Tarima Grey Distressed Wood Effect Tiles

We hope our kitchen floor tile inspiration has given you some ideas for a revamp!

Can’t decide which kitchen tiles to choose? Take advantage of our free sample offer and try a few out!

If you’ve enjoyed our kitchen floor tile inspiration, why not consider a funky kitchen splashback to complement or contrast with your new flooring?

Six reasons to choose tiles for your kitchen splashback


As a splashback covers a smaller area than your walls or floor, you can experiment with bright swaths of colour, unusual shapes, or textured tiles to add interest.

Tiles to suit all budgets

Because tiling a smaller area requires fewer tiles, grout, adhesive, and labour, it’s a very cost-effective way to add a splash of style to your kitchen.

So many styles

Use timeless metro tiles, or recreate holiday memories with Moroccan patchwork. Add pizazz with metallics, or create an oasis of calm with soft pastel tiles. There are also different ways to lay tiles, such as vertical or herringbone patterns.

Protect your walls

Splashback tiles are both functional and fashionable. A properly sealed tiled splashback protects your walls from spills and stains and prevents mould and mildew growth.

Easy to clean

Splashback tiles are low-maintenance – being able to simply wipe them down allows you to spend more time cooking and less time cleaning!

A great upgrade

As a splashback area is typically small, it’s ideal to upgrade every now and then if you want a change to keep your kitchen on-trend.