| Date: 22.11.2020

Our kitchen splashback ideas can elevate your kitchen from shabby to chic and from splattery to squeaky clean!

Choosing the right kitchen splashback is just as important as selecting appliances, cabinets, worktops and flooring. Our kitchen Splashback ideas will show you how tiles are always a good choice when it comes to creating a unique look.

Six reasons to choose tiles for your kitchen splashback

Have fun

As your splashback usually covers a smaller area than your walls or floor, you can take the plunge and jazz things up with bright swathes of colour, unusual shapes, or add some interest with textured tiles. It’s amazing the impact that just a pop of patchwork or a few funky geometric tiles can have, they almost make slaving over the stove a delight!

Tiles to suit all budgets

Tiling a smaller area means fewer tiles, grout, adhesive and labour, so it’s a very economic way of injecting a heavy dash of style into your kitchen. And if you’re going with more expensive tiles like mosaic sheets, you can splash out on a touch of glamour with just a few tiles without breaking the bank for a whole wall’s worth.

So many styles

You could use timeless metro tiles for a contemporary feel or recreate holiday memories with Moroccan patchwork. Add pizazz with metallics, or create an oasis of calm with soft pastel tiles. Then there’s a range of tiles for kitchen splashback ideas to choose from, not to mention different options for laying tiles, such as vertical or herringbone patterns. The options are endless when it comes to creative freedom.

Protect your walls

Splashback tiles are also functional as well as fashionable. There are so many spillages and stains just waiting to happen, from sizzling fat to overflowing pots, and forgetting to put the lid on the blender! A properly sealed tiled splashback protects your walls from any unwanted mess and prevents mould and mildew from stains.

Easy to clean

One of our favourite things about tiles is that they are very low-maintenance when it comes to keeping them clean. And in a room that is used many times during the day, being able to just wipe down tiles gives you more time to conjure up culinary delights and less time cleaning!

A great upgrade

We’ve mentioned a few times that a splashback area is usually fairly small, which means it’s ideal to upgrade every now and again if you fancy a change. That’s a great (and affordable) way to try something new or to keep your kitchen up to date with the latest trends.

Kitchen Splashback Ideas - Hex

Kitchen Splashback Ideas

Here are our favourite kitchen splashback ideas for inspiration to help you design the cooking space of your dreams.

Brick effect tiles

Brick effect tiles have been increasing in popularity here at Direct Tile Warehouse, and we aren’t surprised! If you’re looking for kitchen splashback ideas for a rustic or industrial look or would love to get the look of a bare brick wall, why not opt for brick-effect tiles. Not just available in classic reds and browns, you’ll find softer shades of brick-effect tiles such as creams, beiges and greys.

Metro tiles

If you’re looking for kitchen splashback ideas that will never go out of style, you can’t go wrong with a metro. Along with classic white, reminiscent of a New York subway, there is a whole range of colours to choose from, including bold brights to soft pastels. Go for some shimmer with gloss effect or play it cool with a matt finish. When it comes to grout, you can ramp it up with a contrasting colour to really make the edges stand out.

Mosaic tiles

There’s nothing more luxurious than a spot of magical mosaic! Since the Ancient Greeks first used tiny pieces of molten glass to make gorgeous designs, mosaics have evolved to include a range of colours, shapes and sizes and are made from ceramic, porcelain, marble or glass. Mosaic tiles are an ideal choice for kitchen splashback ideas as they are pretty invincible against heat from the kitchen.

Pastel tiles

Once the go-to shade for kitchens in the 1950s, pastel tiles have had a resurgence over the past couple of years and their soft hues can create a lovely soft and calming atmosphere. Candy pinks, duck egg blues and mint greens not only look good on their own, but they work well together, and there’s a great range of similarly-coloured appliances out there so you can carry the theme through.

Kitchen Splashback Ideas - Eco

Crockery, tableware, utensils and other different white and turquoise stuff on white table-top. Kitchen still life as background for design. Image with copy space.

Patchwork tiles

One way to guarantee a truly unique kitchen splashback is to use patchwork tiles, which often come in a range of different designs. This means you can piece them together randomly or in a theme for a bespoke look. They are perfect for achieving a shabby chic effect, but also add a quirky twist to contemporary homes too. One of our favourite kitchen splashback ideas!

Kitchen Splashback Ideas - Riga

Hexagon tiles

One of the most striking options for kitchen splashback ideas is using hexagon tiles to create a piece of honeycomb heaven! These six-sided tiles add bags of interest, whether you opt for plain or patterned, large or small. Our top tip is to tile them with the point facing upwards, to create a lovely wavy line, or to use contrasting grout to make the shape sing.

Kitchen Splashback Ideas - Opal

Scale tiles

Scale tiles have a scalloped edged resembling a fish scale, and we’ve seen them swimming their way onto a few of our customer’s walls over the last few years. Go for greens for a mermaid effect, or greys for a look that’s more muted yet still fabulous. You also have the option to place them whichever way round you like!

Kitchen Splashback Ideas - Scale

Neutral tiles

Splashbacks don’t need to be an all-singing, all-dancing showcase of tiles. Keep it simple with a neutral shade with a hint of a pattern, such as a stripe. Beige is big business as Dulux’s colour of the year 2021, but creams, whites and greys can be equally classic. The beauty of neutrals is that they can create a minimalist aesthetic and let your cupboards or appliances do the talking.

Kitchen Splashback Tiles - Kursal

Kitchen Splashback Tiles - Kursal

Split face tiles

Adding some texture to a splashback is a great way to create a stand-out design in more ways that one. Split face tiles combine smaller pieces of stone in interlocking panels with a range of depths, and give you the rustic look without a hefty price tag. As well as classic brick shades, you can choose from white, black and grey, along with a variety of shapes and sizes.

Kitchen Splashback Ideas - Turia

Victorian tiles

Recreate the look of a chic London hotel with a splashback made from Victorian tiles. These timeless classics often feature ornate designs that take you back to an era of exquisite craftsmanship. Victorian tiles work really well to keep with the era of period homes, but also look great in contemporary accommodation thanks to their geometric patterns and cool colours.

We hope our guide to kitchen splashback ideas has inspired you. Our website has hundreds of great tiles to choose from, which you can sort through using our handy filters. But if that’s too overwhelming, please get in touch, we’d love to help you narrow down your search.

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