| Date: 01.06.2020

Our lockdown tile projects will inspire you to glam up your garden this summer. With many of us in the UK spending more time in the garden during the Covid-19 pandemic, and with the Great British weather being unconventionally kind, it’s a great time to make your garden glorious!

Lockdown tile projects to add some interest

We’ve seen fabulous projects from customers who have given their outdoor areas some tile TLC, so we thought we’d share a few lockdown tile projects and provide inspiration for quick wins, medium effort makeovers, and longer-term goals.

Take a walk on the tile side

If you’re looking for something a little more contemporary in your garden, ditch the slabs, bricks or decking and embrace the wonder of exterior tiles! With a variety of designs to choose from, you can create a stylish space that still has a durable and hard-wearing surface. For extra stability, choose a tile with anti-slip properties, the higher the ‘R rating’, the grippier it is. We love this customer’s choice of our classic grey Architonic tiles for their amazing garden transformation.

Lockdown Tile Projects - Customer Garden

Go with the flow from indoors to outdoors

Using the same tile for your interior and exterior space can create chic continuity and a wonderful seamless look. Visually, this also gives the illusion of more space, rather than a variety of tiles which can make rooms seem smaller. Be careful to select a tile that is suitable for both inside and out – check our product descriptions or contact us if you’re not sure!

Lockdown Tile Projects - Duplocem Indoor Outdoor Tiles

Create a garden living room

We were beyond excited watching Samantha’s outdoor living room taking shape! She used our Maryland anti-slip wood effect tiles in an area framed with wooden sleepers and painted the fenced area to make it feel more like a room. A rattan sofa set, BBQ and a smattering of scatter cushions and she’s all set to entertain guests when she can. Samantha says: “I love how our garden ‘living room’ turned out, it’s such a relaxing place to sit. My little boy uses it as a stage!” A fantastic lockdown tile project that will last for years!

Lockdown Tile Projects - Customer Garden Living Room

Moorish magic

We‘re not going on a summer holiday, but why not recreate the magic of Marakesh or a taste of Tunisia in your outdoor space? Decorative Moorish-style garden tiles can really add something special. If tiling the entire area is too much, take a peek at customer Naier’s wonderful Moroccan style garden where he’s used a mixture of plain and patterned tiles to great effect. Sadly we don’t supply cute dogs!

Lockdown Tile Projects - Customer Moroccan Patio

Go large with 20mm tiles

20mm outdoor tiles offer the winning combination of gorgeous designs and gargantuan durability. Compared to the usual 9-12mm depth of standard outdoor tiles, the 20mm thickness increases the strength of the tile, making them hardwearing and resistant to loads, stresses and thermal shock. This means they’ll take a lot more abuse from the weather, vehicles and busy feet. They’re also versatile to install, frost-resistant, and resilient to mould, moss and stains, so they’re easily cleaned. Bonus!

Lockdown Tile Projects - Clark 20mm Tiles

Clean your existing tiles or slabs

It’s surprising how a good clean can make all the difference to your garden slabs or tiles. Blast away those layers of dirt from autumn and winter to instantly brighten up your outdoor space. Or leave it for 7 years like one of our staff (who will remain anonymous) and discover your slabs are a completely different colour! Don’t forget to clean your grout too, but if it’s too filthy, you can always regrout for a cheap but easy new lease of life. This is an incredibly simple lockdown tile project that isn’t time-consuming and doesn’t cost too much.

Lockdown Tile Projects - Clean Dirty Slabs

Upcycle your leftover tiles

We love a tile craft project! If you’ve got any spare tiles, you can fashion them into something fabulous for the garden, such as a planter, birdhouse or table! Check out our blog for inspiration for some porcelain projects and ceramic creativity.

Lockdown Tile Projects - Recycling Mosaic Tiles

If we’ve inspired you with these lockdown tile projects, then please share your photos with us, we’d love to see them! Need any ideas for tiles? Just get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.