| Date: 22.06.2021

Our top tips and seven style ideas will help inspire you to create a seamless look with matching wall and floor tiles.

With so many shapes, colours, styles and sizes of tiles out there, it can be a bit of a minefield when it comes to achieving your vision. While it can be great to use two or three different tiles, using the same tile range on your floor and wall can create a really premium look. This technique will also help make small spaces appear bigger, particularly if you’ve gone for a glossy tile in a lighter shade.

A similar colour scheme with matching wall and floor tiles in your room will also ensure a gorgeous visual harmony. Choosing a plain colour gives you the perfect backdrop to let your accessories and furnishings shine. And of course, the beauty of choosing tiles to decorate your room means that not only will it look fantastic, but you’ve also made a practical decision too!

If you don’t want to go for a completely matching look, you can use a range that includes a feature tile to add some texture or interest or choose matt for the floor and gloss for walls.

Matching Wall and Floor Tile Ideas - Starhex Grey Hexagon Tiles

Matching Wall and Floor Tile Top Tips


This might sound a bit obvious, but do make sure the tiles are suitable for walls and floors or find a range that has a version of each. Some floor tiles will be too heavy for the wall, and a particular wall tile may not be robust enough underfoot.


If you’re tiling a high traffic area, opt for an anti-slip version of the tiles for added peace of mind. Anti-slip definitely doesn’t mean dull these days, there are plenty of wonderful designs to choose from, as we’ll show you below.

Rectified tiles

Rectified floor tiles allow you to minimise the width of your grout joints, which is another trick when it comes to achieving a seamless and spacious look with matching wall and floor tiles.

Grout choice

Grout lines will blend and add to the seamless effect if you choose a complementary or matching colour.

Styles of matching wall and floor tiles

Marble Effect

Marble effect instantly adds glamour with the practical hardwearing quality of porcelain and looks great on both walls and floors? Opt for a subtle vein for a lighter look, or go dramatic with bold veining.

Matching Wall and Floor Tile Ideas - Nilo Marble Effect Tiles

Industrial Chic Wall and Floor Tiles

Concrete-look wall and floor tiles will effortlessly invoke the industrial chic vibe in any room. Matching grey wall and floor tiles are a great choice of colour to create a backdrop for bright coloured or monochrome accessories.

Matching Wall and Floor Tile Ideas - Pienza Grey Floor Tiles

Light and Airy Wall and Floor Tiles

The soft colouring of light neutral colours such as cream or beige is perfect if you’re looking to create a luxury finish. Choose from coordinating tiles or a matching décor tile to add texture and interest.

Cream Wall Tiles

Wood Effect Wall and Floor Tiles

Wood effect tiles not only look great on the floor, but they will also bring warmth and cosiness to walls too. The colour and pattern variation you get between tiles lends itself to a lovely natural appearance.

Matching Wall and Floor Tile Ideas - Bricola Oak Wood Effect Tiles

Patterned Wall and Floor Tiles

Make a bold statement with matching patterned tiles. For a more subtle effect, try just small sections or enhance certain areas like a splashback, inset shelf or a feature wall.

Matching Wall and Floor Tile Ideas - Marrakech Moroccan Patterned Tiles

Shaped Wall and Floor Tiles

It’s not just squares and rectangles that can pull off the seamless look – shaped tiles will really make your room stand out. We love these hexagons available in plain or patterned designs.

Matching Wall and Floor Tile Ideas - Starhex Hexagon Wall and Floor Tiles

Large Format Wall and Floor Tiles

Using large format tiles will take the seamless look a step further with more coverage per tile and fewer grout lines. This gorgeous customer project looks effortlessly chic with large grey tiles.

Matching Wall and Floor Tile Ideas - Roden Grey Industrial Tiles

If we’ve inspired you to create a seamless look in your home, shop our range of matching wall and floor tiles here. We’d love to see your project – tag us on social media or email info@directtilewarehouse.com